Dark Paths

May 17, 2017
By Anonymous

On a cold fall evening, i decided to go for a walk on the trail behind my house. I head yet to walk this trail for i had moved there only a few weeks prior. It seems that everyone else in this neighborhood would avoid that trail at all costs like they knew something they weren’t telling me. Periodically at night i’d swear id hear noises come from the direction of the path, but would shake it off not putting much thought into it. The trail was dimly lit, and switched between home with the whole feel of this path. I had no idea how long the path was or which direction it eventually twisted off to, so one night my curiosity took ahold of me and i decided to walk this trail. For some time it just felt like an average backwoods trail that the city tried to modernize but gave up on. After about a mile or so, the trail started drifting west further into the foothills. It began to shattered concrete and gravel path. The types of trail i like so i felt right at feel eary and a little creepy, but dark trails always do when you’re alone and it’s near midnight, like the slight paranoia that people feel, it’s natural but it’s always there, I welcomed the feeling and continued on. It felt only like a little bit of time that i had been walking, but when i checked my phone i noticed that an hour had passed. I enjoyed the trail so i continued to walk, i came to a fork in the trail, one path going north, and the other south. I couldn’t decide so i flipped a coin, heads for norths tails for south. The coin flipped and hit the ground with a light ting, i scoured around trying to find it and eventually had to use my phone for a light, when i turned the light on, i could swear i saw a pair of eyes of in the distance, but i was tired so i shrugged it off as that and nothing else. I picked up the coin and headed south. The southern trail was a little bit more lit, but the lights were much more dim as if something were drawing its power. The neighborhood was a little run down so it seemed like an easy solution, except for the distant humming i could hear. Knowing that power boxes often sound like humming when enough electricity pulsed through them calmed the paranoia in the back of my mind. The woods began to grow thicker, and much taller almost blocking out the moon’s light leaving the dimly lit lights on the side of the trail. Then out of nowhere i hear a branch, or twig or some wooden object behind me snap, i didn’t care to find out what it was, it brought sudden and just fear to my mind. Without a second thought i took off down the trail hoping it would lead to another neighborhood after the dense woods.. The trail just got worse.. It began getting rocky and sloping uphill. There it was again only closer. Another snap of a wooden object. Only it was louder and deeper, then i remembered the pair of eyes i saw and thought to myself, “Maybe i wasn’t hallucinating, but what would be after me?” I realized i didn’t care after i thought i heard a growl. I sprinted for my life down the trail till i found what looked like a little opening in the woods what i could hide in, thinking that if i disappeared it wouldn’t be able to find me and would just move on. I turned the brightness on my phone down and checked the time, another 30 minutes had passed. Checking my phone once and awhile i gathered that i had been sitting in the trees for about 2 hours. It was time for me to head back, i didn’t want to risk being caught by “it” so i ran home as fast as i could, i was quite a ways away so it took a while taking breaks here and there. 45 minutes later i reached the end of the trail, i was nearly home, i turned and swore i saw a big dark mass about 25 yards behind me. Without wasting another second i ran for my front door, only to be met by “it”. It had no particular shape it was just a dark mass that you could feel staring into your soul. I froze, then just like that, it was gone. I reach for my key to unlock the door, once inside i closed the door and everything went black...

The author's comments:

I've always wondered if monsters where real or if they where just in my head...

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