May 17, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a sunny saturday morning, Mary out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror. “Oh my, look at my flawless skin, why am I so beautiful?” She was starting to get ready for a walk at the mall. *RING *RING “Hello?” “Hey, Mary it’s Julia be ready in 15 minutes because we are leaving for the mall.” “In 15 minutes! Are you crazy I won’t be ready in 15 minutes! If you guys don’t wait I’m not going.” “Okay, Mary we will wait for you damn.” *click “Ugh expecting me to be ready in 15 minutes.” Mary went to the bathroom and started to take a shower. It takes her about 30 minutes to shower each day, she showers twice a day.
Hey you guys ready?
Yeah, Mary a long time ago where are you?
I’m at my house, I’ll be there in 5 minutes.
Mary went for the girls, they walk all around the mall, but Mary took hours at only one store. It was a make up store. She was getting more makeup and stuff for her face. Mary was obsessed of how she looked. They all left and went out to eat. They decided to go to eat. Mary was the only one who didn’t eat. Mary dropped down each of her friends at their houses. All day she hasn’t eaten. Mary was very concern about her weight. She got home around 11:30. She went to the kitchen got some water, and walked up stairs. She went to the bathroom and took off all her make up. SHe got dressed, she put on her pajamas. She went back downstairs and ordered a large pizza. She on her couch in the living room. Her house was so quiet and big, her parents were never home. They had left for a business vacation. Her living room was white with gray. There couches were white, no one could eat in the living room but Mary didn’t care. She was always alone in her house. The pizza came, she sat in the living room turned on the T.V, every night she would order some food and watch T.V. She started feeling lonely, so she called her parents. The phone kept ringing no answer.
“Hey mom, just wanted to let you know I cleaned the house today. I miss you guys. If you get this can you give me a call , thanks I love you guys, okay bye.” She hanged up the phone turned off the T.V and started crying. She cried until she fell asleep.
“Mary get up!”
“AHHH! What are you doing here!?  Get out my house!!”
Mary jumped out the couch and kick Jason out her house. Jason was her very close friend since 1st grade. Jason was an average guy, he was tall brown hair and dressed like he was a skater.
“Sorry jason, I passed out on the couch.”
“It’s all good Mary but are you okay, looks like you were crying?”
“Yeah, and I’m just very tired I got home late.”
“Alright go get ready so we can go to school okay?”
Mary ran upstairs and went to get ready. When she was finally dine she looked in the mirror and sighed, the reason why she was so worried of how she looked like because she didn’t want people to think she is weak. She ran back downstairs and Jason was waiting for her.
“You always look so pretty Mary.”
Mary rolling her eyes,“Jason, lets go.”
They went to Mary’s car and left for school. Their school wasn’t big only had one floor it was more like a private school, except they didn’t have to wear uniform. Still that school was stricted. They wanted what was best for their students. The school was creepy at the same time. It had long halls but it was small. Each class had about at least 15 kids in one class. Each trimester they would change classes. Everyday they went to one class for a trimester, then change classes. Lunch they could go out but each day they at least got an hour for lunch. Mary went to her class and all her friends went up to her and said hi.
“Hey Mary, so for lunch want to go…”
“NO! Mary and I are going… “
“Stop, guys I’m not going anywhere for lunch, I’m staying here and study with Jason, Right Jason?”
“Um, yeah guys we going to study.”
Lunch hit Mary and Jason met up in the library.
“You ready Jason?”
“Where we going???”
“Shut up and follow me.”
Mary and jason went to Mary’s car they left to get food at a fast food, then left to the mountains. It was such an amazing day for Mary. Mary had the biggest crush on Jason, but Jason didn’t feel the same way. She really tired to be pretty for him but each time she tries so hard she makes a fool out of herself. 
“Hey, Mary so you know we should get back to school we can’t ditch.”
“Do you want to go back?”
“No, but if you want to we can, I mean I’m enjoying the moment.”
They stayed there for at least an hour, talking. The sunset was so beautiful, it was different shades of orange and red. They decided to go back home, Mary took Jason home and Mary went back home. The next day Mary went to school, when she went to class she notice there was a new girl t school. Mary went to go introduce herself.
“Hi, I’m Mary. If you need help with anything I’ll be here to help you okay?”
“Oh hi, I’m Abby and yeah thanks.”
Mary went back to her seat, Abby was sitting next to Jason. Mary notice that Abby and Jason were talking, she was happy that Abby was making friends, but then they started laughing.Mary was getting jealous. Class was over. Mary walked over abby and Jason.
“Hey Jason, you ready?”
“Abby do you want to join us for lunch? I drive and Jason eats, haha.” They all laughed.
“Yeah Abby you’re welcome to come.”
“Sure, where we going?”
“Oh, Mary never tells me it’s always a mystery.”
They all left and went to get food, Mary was the only one who didn’t eat.
“Hey, Mary are you going to eat?”
“No, my stomach hurt since the morning.”
“Here have a bite of my..”
“Jason stop I’m not hungry.”
Mary was in a bad mood because she felt like Abby was taking Jason away from her.
Couple days passed. Abby and Jason were always hanging out. Mary has complete felt terrible. When they went to school Jason asked Abby to the school dance. That day Mary went home and ordered a pizza, turned on the T.V and started crying. Jason called and called but Mary didn’t answer. She was so sad, she thought Jason felt the same.
Hey Mary, I didn’t see you at school today, got me very worried. Please answer me, got so much to tell you best friend. I’m going to stop by your place soon, see ya later.
Mary didn’t want to see anyone that day, so she wipe her tears redid her makeup and waited for Jason. There was a knocking on the door, it was Jason.
“OMG Mary,” hugging mary. “How are you what’s wrong?”
“ I wasn’t feeling it today so I came home.”
“You missed it, I asked Abby out today. It was great she said yes!”
“I know Jason I was there, just left after that.”
“Mary, I know you liked me, but I just see you as my best friend, don’t forget I’m always there for you.”
“What does she have that I don’t? Why Jason why? You knew this whole time?”
“I’m sorry Mary.”
“Get out I don’t want to see you.”
“Mary please.”
“Get out.”
Jason left and Mary stood their crying. She called her mom. Waited for her to answer, their was no answer she felt alone. She lost her best friend. She slept in the living room again.
“Mary, wake up!”
“Jason I told you to get out.”
“How I am I going to leave my best friend. I’m sorry I hurt you, but I’m always going to be here for you. You were there for me.”
“Thank you Jason. I’m sorry I over reacted.”
“No don’t be sorry, here lay down, you are not going to school, I’ll stay here with you okay?”
“Go to school, I’ll be fine besides Abby going to be worried.”
“It’s okay she will understand. Got take a shower while I’ll make you something okay?”
Mary went upstairs, she checked her phone if her mom called her, nothing. Expect she received a message.
Hey, this is Abby. Stay away from Jason. You don’t know what I can do.
Mary ignored the message and took a shower. She got out of the shower. SHe didn’t try to get ready. WHen she went downstairs she saw Jason in the kitchen, then she saw Abby in the living room.
“Hey, Abby. When did you come in?”
“Oh, I was waiting in the car.”
“ I’m going to take her to school right after I’m done.”
“NO Jason I’m staying here.”
“Let’s go Abby.”
Jason and Abby left. Mary went to the kitchen and ate what Jason made. She finished eating and she started hearing noises. She turned off the T.V. SHe checked the kitchen, nothing was there. The she went outside. Jason car was still there. She walk to it and Jason was passed out. She opened the door and grabbed him. He wasn’t moving. She ran back inside. She got her phone and called Abby, she didn’t answer. She went upstairs to the bathroom, and locked the door. She looked in the mirror. Few seconds later Mary walked out the bathroom, got ready and left for school. When she went to school Abby didn’t exist to anyone. No one knew her. Mary sat where Abby use to sit. After school, she went back home. Jason was gone. Mary went back upstairs and checked the mirror and said, “ Mary who is that?”

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write about this story is how in relationships their is always friends who are jealous of each other. 

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