The Devil's Lost Wife

May 17, 2017
By itis.muy BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
itis.muy BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
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    I always wanted to be a part of something out of this world! I wanted to slay demons and dragons, but I couldn’t even hurt a fly. I wanted there to be something more to life than finding a husband and marrying him to just pop out babies and keep the house clean. I wanted to be free and be a hero. Sadly, the world told me no. Here I am, to be married tomorrow, and to live that housewife life. I wish I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fiance, but I don’t want a boring and predicted life.

          A cold breeze came through my window. My curtains were flowing beautifully in the air, but slowly went back to their original position. I didn’t move. I thought maybe my fiance, who I was marrying tomorrow, had snuck into my room. I met him only a year ago, yet we are already trying to tie the knot. He was perfect. Sadly, he was not coming in through my window. I didn’t know what was going on, but I got this feeling that something wasn’t right. There seemed to be something unbalanced somewhere.

          I got the courage to get up and investigate. I slowly rose up from under my covers and surveyed my room. The window was open, my TV was staticky, my bedroom door was slightly open, and there was red writing on my wall.               

                  “Your Time Has Come


          After I read that, a man appeared in my doorway. He had his hand out like he was waiting to help me into a car. I just stared at him. In my head I said this was crazy but on the outside, I was ready to be that crazy person.

          I got out of my bed and slowly walked toward him. There was this pull in my heart that told me I was going to be okay. I didn’t understand myself. My slow baby steps weren’t fast enough for him; he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. A door popped onto the wall as if it belonged there. He opened the door and pulled me through it. Then everything went dark.

          When I woke up, I was in someone’s bed. All the covers were black and above the door across from me, there was a giant portrait that had me in it. I was standing between a man and a woman, they seemed to have the same features as me. The woman had the necklace I always wear, the man had the ring that I keep on a chain around my neck. Where did this photo come from? Who are those people?

          “They are your biological parents.”

          I looked up to see a man, not the one who brought me here, though. This man seemed more dangerous than him. He wore a black suit with a tie and undershirt that was so red it looked like blood. He just looked at me. His eyes were red and seemed cat like. He even had red horns on top of his head. But he didn’t give me the feeling that he was ready to kill me.

          “Who are you?” I had found my voice. He smiled at this, as if he had some great secret to tell me.

          “I’m the devil, and you, my dear, are my wife. Your parents sold you back to me, not your biological parents, of course.” I stared at him like he grew five heads and laughed. He couldn’t be serious. All of a sudden I was bombarded with memories I didn’t remember having. I couldn’t pin point where they were coming from, but they were here. I could feel all these emotions that felt so real. As if they really happened. Who have I become?

          ‘‘Take them away now, ” I told him. I couldn’t take anymore of these feelings. I was too overwhelmed.

          “You will take your rightful place as my wife. People in my world are after me. Since you ventured into the human world some demons have escaped there and put the world in an unbalanced state. They think it’s my fault. You're safest by my side. I advise you to get cleaned up, your biological parents and family are on their way to reunite with you. They hate to wait,” said the Devil. As he left, all I could think about was that I was already engaged to Joshua and our wedding was supposed to be the next day. What was I gonna do now? At Least I got my wish right? To be apart of something exciting. Maybe not such a great wish….

The author's comments:

      I hope people will get a thrill out of how she had a wish to be apart of something exciting, and then here she is, the Devil's lost wife.

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