May 17, 2017
By TaZeTheGod BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
TaZeTheGod BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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The life of those who are chosen is very deadly, because they are immediately thrown into the most dangerous scenarios that the state and The Order can put them in. They, like us, are forced to fight for their survival in the most painful, torturing, and emotionally suffering ways, both physically, and mentally, that are unknown to most people. From the start, two dozen individuals will enter the world, with all but one dead in ways that would shake the world to its core. Once in an aeon, that one person will become a spawn of Satan and turn the world today into the Afterlife, plunging the world into eternal hell. From being caught in a burning blaze around an entire forest, fearing for the safety and security those you may know and care about being and suffering, to being hunted down by your enemies and those who seek to destroy you, your beliefs, and use your agony and pain on others. Around the world, people like me and Daniel have been hunted down, especially by someone who we thought was dead long ago.

Growing up, we were told that we were the chosen ones, and chosen by those who died protecting the secret of who we are and what we can do. I remember when I was young, this woman would come home and she would tell us stories all the time, about a Eater of Souls. I never understood what she meant, I used to remember her name, was it Ashley? No, Abigail, that’s what her name was. We used to hang out together all the time, till that tragic day. Nobody in our family, or anyone who knew my secret saw it coming. She was always mysterious, talking about how she had supposedly been reincarnated, and that in a past life she was extremely dangerous, and was in some cult with her brother. His name was Luke. We knew The Order had been watching all of us, at least for days, maybe months, but we never saw them coming. However Abigail, she saw them coming, as if she knew they would be coming, She told us a place to go to where Luke and her family would welcome us with eternal salvation. She said, “Follow the fireflies to where you’re meant to be, to the void where your brothers and sisters await.”
I was puzzled, because we didn’t have any family, except Abigail, and we didn’t know much about her family. She tried to block the Order from getting to us, barricading the door and fighting them off , hoping to make it with us. Luckily, right before they got in, we all left and headed to outside the city in the woods, where she and her family lived.

As soon as we left the city, I asked her what happened back at the house, not knowing my entire world was about to show its true nature and reveal so much I didn’t know. “Why was The Order after us, what happened Abigail?”
She said, “They’ve been lying to you for a very long time, they crave and worship war. The demons of this world saved me from death to watch and guide you both.” I couldn’t process in my head what she was saying, just she assured me that everything would be okay, as long I or Daniel didn’t see the man and woman wearing drapes and masks in the woods. I stopped as my mind flashbacked to when I was the age of 8, me and Luke went on a camping trip one day, and as we were getting set-up one day, we saw that same man and woman.

Everything she said to me and Daniel had caught me by surprise, as if Abigail had been watching us our entire life. Daniel was speechless, almost frozen in fear, but trying to process everything in his head. I couldn’t believe everything we had been hearing, mostly because it was horrifying to remember the man and the woman in the woods. I asked Abigail how she knew, she said “Little Emily, I have been hidden in the shadows for far too long, I like you was chosen, but by the Spawn of Satan himself, as he was being reborn from the ashes of his enemies who died at his feet, but just promise me that you won’t go looking for the man and woman in the woods.”

We drove a couple miles, but it seemed like an eternity until we made our way to the compound. As we rushed out of the car, we toward an old house on the compound and ran inside. There was a single light in the house as we got through the door, which was barely lit and the rest of the house gave off an eerie feeling, almost supernatural like horrors awaiting inside, and when we got in the house, she said not to stray around the house. We could hear screams coming from one room, with an unknown voice saying “You are now rescued, my brother.”  Abigail led us to the cellar, where she told us to stay and go to the rooms down there.

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