The Forest

May 23, 2017
By Anonymous

“We’re almost there!”, Emerson yelled. She and her friends, Christian, Danny, and Trevor were going on a camping trip. As Trevor pulled in toward forest they saw that they couldn’t drive any further, there were trees and branches blocking the way. Once they were in the woods they started to set up. They sat around the fire for an hour laughing and telling spooky stories, when finally, they decided to call it a night.
Sometime around midnight, Christian woke up to a strange noise coming from outside the test. “Who's there?”, he asked. Whatever was out there stopped moving. Slowly, he unzipped the flap to the tent, and suddenly screamed! A disfigured face, and a knife was the last thing he saw. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”, screamed Danny seeing the mangled body of Christian. Emerson and Trevor came running and were shocked. Christian’s body had been mangled and his throat slit. “Someone call 911!” Trevor yelled. Emerson sat down and tried to process everything, while Danny tried to call the police.“My phone doesn’t have any signal!”, Danny sighed. Trevor was pale and put his head in his hands. “Trevor go and try to find a road, we need the police up here, now!” Danny said. Trevor nodded and took off running toward the woods.
Emerson and Danny went around and threw anything they could grab into bags and took down the tents. “I’m so scared Danny! I don’t wanna be next!” Emerson cried. Suddenly they heard a horrible scream.” Trevor!”, Danny and Emerson yelled. They dropped everything and ran toward the woods. Danny scrambled around slicing through thick trees with the knife he bought along.  Suddenly he came to a clearing and saw something that would haunt him for as long as he lived. Trevor is being held up by his throat, choking and twisting in mid-air. The man holding him looked like some sort of demon, tall with sharp nails and red eyes. Danny felt frozen with fear. Suddenly, Emerson came out off the woods into the opening, she stopped dead in her tracks. She screamed and fell to the ground not moving.
Danny ran to her, feeling for a pulse. The demon ran off with Trevor and Danny realized that Emerson had died. Danny, feeling furiated, chased after the demon, hoping to catch up. He ran for five minutes, following the track of fallen trees. As he was running, he tripped and fell. Stumbling to get up, he realized that he had tripped over Trevor’s body, dead and surrounded by blood. As stood over the body, cops and ambulances pulled up surrounding him. For the rest of his life he always felt as if he was being watched, something was always creeping around the corner. Danny always wished he could do more for his friends.


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