Time Flies

May 22, 2017
By SydA_G SILVER, Madison, Georgia
SydA_G SILVER, Madison, Georgia
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Time Flies
Time is the essence in which life occurs. Time is the constant variable. It is our minds which bend the perception of time. Time can seem to go slow or fast, but of not one who has bestowed time. They are the ones who needed time the most. While you may think that time might run out, time itself will never run out. Everyone hints that time goes faster when you are doing something that you enjoy. This is not true, time does not bend. You bend to time. Time may last forever, but time may not last you forever. Use your time wisely. Time has two sides. The sides work together to make a whole. The two sides are, what you allow, and what time allows. In some instances, time can be open to suggestions, but you have to will, want, desire, and take from time to get time to cooperate with you. There have only been a few instances where time has cooperated. Hopefully, you can create one of those times.

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