Mirror Mirror

May 22, 2017
By SydA_G SILVER, Madison, Georgia
SydA_G SILVER, Madison, Georgia
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Mirror Mirror
Who lives on the other side? No one knows except “The One”. We don’t know his name hints the oblique not name, name. Anyway… Some people call him Obscurus— it’s latin for unknown. Obscurus rules over everyone and everything. Obscurus has never revealed his face, said his name, or looked in a mirror, just to keep his identity locked away safe from everyone but himself. The way that he rules is special, in a way. He uses mirrors to control the different worlds at the same time. Looking in a mirror, you see yourself. You see an exact copy of you, what you are wearing, and what is around you. What if that is not how it is at all, but just how you perceive it to be. Obscurus is the creator of the interception between worlds. All mirrors are the bypass between the first world and what seems to be the identical second world. You see no difference because there is none through the mirror. Once you step away from the mirror, you and the other world are not linked in the slightest. Your exact copy is different than you, other than looking just like you. You could be eating while — let's just call them your twin — has gone swimming, but without fail, you and your twin meet up at any mirror. Obscurus takes control now, and you copy every exact move that your twin does and vice versa. There is no way to get out, no way to change, and absolutely no way to jump through.

The author's comments:

Mirrors have depths.

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