Molly's bedroom

May 16, 2017

I can't believe I just heard that. I literally can't believe it. I am home alone. There is no one else here, right? But there it was again. "Maddy" A voice whispered in my ear again, closer this time. I shuddered. I hadn't heard that voice since I stopped seeing my imaginary friend, Molly, around the age of five. Just thinking about my old 'friend' sent a shudder up my spine, as well as thousands of memory's I had hoped to forget. So much for that plan. 
I turned around slowly. There Molly was, greasy blonde hair hanging limply, mossy green teeth stretching in a grin, broken china doll in hand, and preserved in her five year old state. I should not be afraid of a five year old! But I couldn't keep the fear out of my voice as I stuttered, "H-hi Molly." Her grin widened. "It's been years since I saw you last Maddy!" she shrieked. "We're due for a play date." All went black, and there was a nauseating sensation of moving backwards too fast.
Suddenly, I was in my old bedroom. Except it wasn't exactly my bedroom. It was the ghostly otherworldly bedroom. I knew it well. It had my bed, stripped to the mattress, the metal frame mirroring my wooden one. My toys, replaced with broken china dolls, sat facing me on a shelf, beady eyes blinking. My carpet and walls were stained. The light was an eerie green, as if we were under an algae filled pond, like the one in my old backyard. Now that I think about it, we probably were. 
Molly's laugh rang in my ears. I was in Molly's bedroom, as she called it, so where was Molly? I spun around, looking in the spotted, chipped mirror. She was behind me, grinning her ghostly grin. "Play with me Maddy!" she said in her sing-song voice. My hands moved on their own accord, grasping hers. "Ring around a rosey..." I waited to wake up like always, but this time, my nightmare would never end.

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