the man in the window

May 19, 2017
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It was a cold alaskan day when Timmy and his friend Oliver were walking home from school on a friday afternoon. The two boys were planning on sleeping over because Timmy's mom was out of town for the weekend. The walk home took a while and they didn't talk about much, but when they stepped into timmys house and all the lights were off but this was different, it was pitch black. This was strange because timmy ALWAYS left the lights on after his dad disappeared 3 years ago. They never found his body, but Timmy knew he was coming back. Timmy quickly turned on the lights and headed over to the fridge with Oliver. From the kitchen they could see the window had been opened, but further out into the white snow there stood a black silhouette of what looked like, a large man. Then Oliver said with a shaky voice,

“You see that right?”

Immediately after the two bolted to the window and stared out at it. It didn't move a inch.

“Why is it just standing there?”, Timmy asked.

“Hell if I know”, Oliver said as he slammed the window closed to keep the creature out. The creature didn't seem to do anything but look straight at the two boys. He decided he would close the window because snow was coming into the house. The second the frame of the window passed in between them and the being, it just disappeared. Timmy and Oliver just looked at each other with confused faces. Both of the boys, a little shaken now, went downstairs to play xbox and eat. While they were in the middle of their game they heard a low voice say,

“WHERE ARE YOU TIMMY?”,said the low voice. The two boys sat in silence, staring at the stairs, waiting for something to come down. Oliver half expected it to come down the stairs right then. The two boys, more scared now ventured up the house into his kitchen. Still nobody was there and there was no sign of anybody in the house. The two went upstairs to check that all the windows were closed and that the being was still outside. The second they turned the left corner to go to timmy's parents room the beast grabbed oliver and dragged him down the stairs. Timmy turned and sprinted away, running into his mother's room. Imagining oliver getting eaten made Timmy energized and timmy sprinted down the stairs only to run into his mom that just came home from seattle. Timmy thought of so many words and things to say, his mind racing the only thing he managed to push out of his lips was

“Slow down, slow down”, said timmy's mom,”what is it?”

Having calmed down now timmy said “There's a … a…. Thing that took Oliver!”

Timmy and his mother raced downstairs to see where the being had gone only to find oliver upside down, hanging from the ceiling, with muffled screams coming from under the duct tape covering his mouth. The being emerged from a shadow in the corner. Timmy hid behind his mom as she attempted to negotiate. The beast seemed to particularly like her for some reason. She reached out her hand and said,

“Bob is that you?” The man from the corner emerged and almost looked to be smiling. He made a grunting noise and hugged Timmy's mother passionately. Timmy, still in awe, asked quietly

“Mom, you know him?” and she replied

“Not just know him, I love him... he's your father” Timmy stood there for a second thought to himself “what? This thing is my dad?! The being set down oliver and confronted timmy. Timmy was speechless until the being held out a new xbox game the boys had been wanting. Timmy gladly took it and hugged his new dad and they all lived happily ever after

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