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May 16, 2017
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  Jordan has lived here her whole life, In a small town in Kansas, she has known almost everyone since kindergarten. When she passed away suddenly, it turned a small, family town into a crime seen. Thomas was very close with Jordan. Besides that fact that practically everyone was. Thomas and Jordan were best friends in elementary school, but slowly drifted apart as they grew older. Once they became Seniors in high school, with 2 classes together, they would just give eachother a friendly smile every now and then. Ms. Robinson was their psychology teacher. And sometimes, just sometimes, Thomas would notice Jordan in class with Ms.Robinson, and how she would be often helping Jordan in that class. Thomas always wanted to help Jordan if she needed it, but for some reason the never did.

   When Jordan passed away, everything changed. The first things that went through Thomas mind was; ‘where did she go?, she can't be gone. How did this happen?’. Everyone at school was upset and laying low. Not knowing how this happened to her. The police said it was an accident, not a murder, and not a suicide. But how exactly, Thomas wondered, do you accidentally die. This thought carried with him for weeks, the wanted to let it go, but for some strange reason the couldn't. When weeks after Jordan's death occurred,the heard their teacher Ms.Robinson mention something or other about Jordan.  This intrigued Thomas, so he walked behind her and eavesdropped. It came to his attention that it was strange a teacher was talking about this to someone on the phone weeks late, during school hours, and not to mention her particularly trying to be underhanded.

   Thomas stayed up late that night researching about what exactly happened to Jordan. The hunch that he has had for the past couple weeks turned out to be right. Jordan went missing for 27 hours, and when she was found, she was in her crashed car a couple miles out of town. It makes sense that she was leaving town and in her car because she was heading out for a college visit. What doesn't make sense is that why would her parents report her missing if they knew she was going on a college visit. The remembers back when the overheard Ms.Robinson on the phone. She was arguing with someone about how ‘it needed to stay a mistake.’ Later that night Thomas realized that Ms.Robinson had a brother, that dated Jordan and would stalk her. The only people that their teacher would protect over Jordan passing away would be her family.  The next morning Thomas decided to go visit Ms.Robinson and talk to her.

    Ms.Robinson tried to explain to Thomas be he was so upset about the whole situation. The couldn't let his dear friend Jordan go down like this. Thomas thought all day pacing back at forth at a neighborhood park. He decided he needed to tell someone. He couldn't keep a secret like this about someone he cared for. When Thomas went to the police station and explained what the knew and thought, it changed his hometown in Kansas, into a crime scene. Once the school got a new psychology teacher, and time Thomas felt better about what happened to Jordan. He could let himself rest, knowing that Jordan got the justice she deserved. 

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