The Ice Cream Man

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

“Caroline, come eat!” I hear my mom yell, but I just keep playing because I bet what she has brought is disgusting, so I continue to play tag with my two older brothers, Aaron and Caleb. My family and I are having a picnic in the park and were barbecuing because it is so beautiful outside. My mom, Debbie, begins to get agitated with us because we refuse to answer her. In the middle of us running around and screaming at each other we hear the ice cream trucks jingle and immediately come to a halt. We ran to the truck and started to read the menu, but then mother got mad at us because we still weren’t listening. The boys ran back to the family to go eat but I was so overly fascinated by all the different types of ice cream that I stayed. By the time I was done reading, my eyes finally unglue themselves from the menu board. I look around and notice that I was the only one there, which is extremely weird. I turn around in confusion searching for my brothers or any other kid, but no one is to be found. I start to walk away but then I get pulled back, the wind gets thrusted out of my lungs, I hit my head so hard I don’t even know what happened.
I blacked out, when I awoke I was tied up in the back of a van. I see nothing but darkness because they blindfolded me. Its chilly and windy like a window was open somewhere. I try to listen for familiar noises, but the sound of the tires on a gravel road is over powering every other noise. The air smelled very dusty and felt very humid. The floor I was sitting on was bumpy and sticky.
The van came to a stop and the back doors flew open. The cold, huge hands, of a man grabbed my arms and pulled me out.  My blindfold began to slip off as he carried me into a building. The building looks like an abandon warehouse in the middle of nowhere. He set me down in a room then walked out and closed the door. I began to cry and scream out for my parents, I was so scared I was shaking.
He came back in and gave me this liquid and told me to drink it. He left after giving me the mysterious drink and my eyes began to get heavy and I was very tiresome. I don’t remember much but the next thing I know lights are all over, people are yelling, dogs are sniffing my face, and I’m being talked to by an unfamiliar voice. “Can you hear me Caroline?” I did not answer, my mouth felt like it was swollen shut and my eyes were so heavy I was unable to open them. “Caroline, sweetie we need you to answer us” I nodded my head and he picked me up and carried me out of the building. I was set in the back of an ambulance and a blanket was wrapped around me. I started to regain my vision because my eyes finally opened.
First thing I see is my parents crying and running up to me like they haven’t seen me for years on end. We sat there hugging for about 5 minutes and as I was looking over their shoulder I see the ice cream man getting dragged into a police officer’s car with handcuffs on his wrists. After they found me my parents filled out paper work at the police station and then took me home.
We had a family meeting in the living room and my parents decided to lecture my brothers and I on the buddy system. I learned a valuable lesson to never run off by myself again, especially at the age of 6. I apologized for not thinking and wandering around by myself, we hugged and then everyone went to bed.

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