The Real Bloody Maru

May 15, 2017
By JRupp10 BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
JRupp10 BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
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 Night after night, girls mysteriously disappear from their homes in the middle of the night. The parents are distraught and want to find out where their children have disappeared to. They all mourn for many days. The villagers start to suspect the witch Bloody Mary. They send men to go out to her house but cannot find the house in the woods.
One night, a young girl’s mother is up drinking tea to tend to her cold. She then hears a weird sound coming from outside. She walks outside to investigate the odd noise, but finds nothing. Then her daughter walks by in a daze and starts walking towards the woods. The mother tries to hold her daughter from going into the woods, but she kept breaking away. Her husband ran from door to door, calling for people to come out and help defeat the evil witch. They come to the edge of the woodline and follow the girl in slowly.
When they finally come to Bloody Mary’s house, the villagers get ready to charge in. They bust in the door and find all of the girls baking cookies and drinking tea, having a grand time. The villagers are all very confused but happy to see their daughters.
They start to question Bloody Mary to find out why she had called them all hear. “I just wanted to have some fun, I’m always so lonely all the way out here”, “We can have parties like this all the time!” Said one of the villagers.
The agreed to get rid of the horrid name “Bloody Mary” and just call her Mary instead. The party continues on and they all have a grand time. Mary gives the villagers her famous recipe for cookies.
The legend has changed from what it used to be. The real legend is that if you are in a mirror and say “Mary” three times, a tray of cookies and tea will appear in front of you.

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