True Love's Kill

May 15, 2017
By SSaenz01 BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
SSaenz01 BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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She awoke to the sounds of sirens blaring outside in the dark night. She sat up and rubbed her eyes wondering what happened. She reached for the remote and turned on the TV. The news channel was on, broadcasting the same news story since yesterday. The woman on the tv was clutching a microphone reading off her lines,
“Police are still investigating the death of a young boy, said to be in his late teens. The boy was found covered in dirt and blood by a group of teens who reported him going missing from a party. He is believed to have died from trauma to the head.” A photo of the deceased boy showed on the screen. She knew the face all too well.
“Why couldn’t you just love me?” was all she whispered.
~ 3 Hours Earlier ~
Sabrina couldn’t hide the excitement on her face. She had searched through her entire closet for the most beautiful outfit she could find, and when she didn’t find anything she turned to her mother's closet. Her mother wouldn’t be home for about a month, so Sabrina knew she wouldn’t noticed. After getting ready she went into her room and looked between the books on her shelf until she found it. A simple piece of paper folded up neatly, and written on the front in careful writing was his name. Gabriel. His name made her both happy and anxious. She’d written it as soon as she’d gotten the invitation to his party. She’d loved him for a while, well, a long while. Ever since she first met him in Kindergarten she couldn’t take her eyes of him. He was perfect in every way that mattered and more, but she doubted he ever knew she existed. That is, until now. When she got that invitation at school she knew it was sign. She found the invitation and held it close to her chest. She’d memorized what he’d written.
“Hey, I know we’ve barely talked, but I’ve noticed you for such a long time now. I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure you noticed me too. I’d love for you to come to my party so I could get to know you more.” He signed it Gabriel, and left a time, date, and address for his party. Sabrina’s heart fluttered. She could already imagine his surprise and excitement when she showed her his note. The one that had all her feeling and emotions for him since she first met him. She left the house and made her way down the blocks to Gabriel’s house. She inhaled clutching the note and invitation in her hands, and went inside. She opened it and was greeted with a bright flash of light and music with an odd rhythm screaming in her ears. She quickly went inside and shut the door, and looked around for a familiar face. All around her people were crowding around each other, yelling and drinking. Sabrina didn’t have any friends, but she recognized faces from her school. It was chaos. The place was a mess, trash thrown everywhere, and Gabriel was nowhere to be found. After what felt like ages of searching she finally saw him. A familiar head of blonde hair, at the other end of the room. Gabriel. She pushed her way through the crowd and approached him. She could feel her heart beater quicker in her chest. Just as she got to him he turned around, and Sabria saw his familiar face. The face she loved so dearly. He gave her an odd look and opened his mouth to say something, but she quickly gave him the letter and invitation. He looked at her and opened them up. His eyes scanned the invitation and letter, looking at both with a blank stare. His lips curved upwards into a smile, and Sabrina felt her heart leap in her chest. Never had she been so excited. But then he laughed. It started off as a small chuckle, but it gradually became louder. Soon he was clutching his chest as he laughed, tears starting to stream down his face. This time Sabrina gave him an odd look. He walked over to a microphone sitting by the speakers and spoke into it.
“Hey everyone!” he yelled, “so this girl over here… what’s your name?”
“Sabrina,” she whispered.
“Sabrina here thought this invitation was for her. It was actually meant for someone else you see. But the funniest part is, this girl wrote me a whole letter about how much she’s loved me ever since kindergarten!” He proceeded to read the entire letter, all her emotions read out loud to everyone. There was silence for what felt like forever, until a voice yelled out,
“What a loser!” Suddenly everyone burst out into laughter. They pointed at her with their phones out catching every moment of her embarrassment. She felt her face turn bright red, and tears began to stream down her face. She’d never felt so humiliated in her life. The whole crowd was taunting her, and called her names. She was never noticed, but now she was noticed in the worst way possible. She ran away from the crowd, away from the house, and down the street before tripped over a rock and collapsed on the grass. She cried for what seemed like an eternity until she felt an arm on her shoulder. She turned and looked up at his face. Gabriel. Her stomach knotted.
“I’m sorry,” was all he said. She was stunned. Maybe he hadn’t meant to make a fool out of her. Maybe he was too scared to tell her he felt the same. She brushed away tears as he reached for her. She was about to take his hand when he opened his closed fist. Out tumbled the invitation and her letter.
“Sorry you were too stupid to realize no one, especially me, could love someone like you,” he sneered. She kicked dirt at her at turned his back on her, walking away. At that moment she was overcome with anger, and humiliation. Years wasted over someone who would never love her. She hadn’t realized she’d been holding onto a rock with an iron grip. Before she knew what she was doing the rock went cutting through the air, hitting Gabriel right on the head with a loud crunch. She stood there for a second, then his body crumpled down to the floor. Sabrina stared at the body waiting for a movement, but there was none. She slowly crept over and looked at his face. Blood ran from a large gash on his head, and his eyes were wide open and lifeless. Sabrina let out a soft cry, and sat back staring at what she’d down. She quickly scrambled to cover up the body. She pulled dirt from the ground and tried her best to cover his body. It was useless. Her mind was racing, and she took of and ran. She ran down the street to her house and locked the door. She walked to the couch in the living room and let out a loud cry before she crumpled onto the couch. She didn’t know how long she’d been crying, but she soon grew tired. Darkness crept around the corners of her eyes and she sniffled, her tears subsiding. In the darkness she saw his face. Hurt and anger flooded her mind and she let her sleep take her away.

The author's comments:

A story about the deadly consequences of unrequited love, and the hurt that shame can cause.

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