May 18, 2017
By sydney01 BRONZE, Lafayette , Colorado
sydney01 BRONZE, Lafayette , Colorado
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It was a devastating moment,in a small town near Tampa, Diane went to her brother Frank’s house with her six month old baby girl Mary one evening when she just could not do it anymore. Frank being the drunken person he is, did not have a care in the world because he had a date to attend. Unnoticing the closure upon Diane's life, Frank came home to a repentant situation he had  right in front of his eyes, lying right there cold and blue on the bathroom floor was Diane’s body.  He noticed Mary lying on the couch asleep as he rushed to make sure she was okay, he called the cops as his world had collided, his mind had vanished, and he did not know how to feel or what to think of her death. Was it his fault? As Frank took a moment to think about what to do, he decided the only thing that Diane would have gone over to do is to give him custody of Mary. Mary had no contact with her grandmother or biological father. Roberta who was a very close neighbor to Frank, loved Mary. As Mary grew older, Roberta and Mary became best friends. Diane was a mathematician who was dedicated to the Navier–Stokes problem (one of the unsolved Millennium Prize Problems)

As the years went by, Mary and Frank became very close. He had been homeschooling Mary for a while now and he finally decides that she needed to become a normal child and make some friends her age.  The next morning, Frank walks Mary to the bus as she screams and cries begging not to go. It was hard for Frank to just leave her like that but he knew she would grow out of not wanting to go to school as soon as she made friends. Mary’s teacher Bonnie Stevenson, gets fed up with Mary answering questions without raising her hand. Bonnie asked Mary some difficult multiplication questions in front of the class since she knew all of her addition. Mary thought for a bit about the question and then gave Bonnie an answer. Bonnie was astonished as she grabbed a calculator to check if Mary was right. She realizes Mary is a 7 year old math prodigy. Frank picked Mary up after school that day and she demanded him she don't go back. Bonnie ran outside to meet Frank and to tell him about Mary’s talent. Frank does not think anything of it because of his sister, but as Bonnie finds out about Mary’s mother, she goes online and reads an article about Frank and Diane’s life and she finds out Frank is Mary’s uncle and that Diane was a promising mathematician who had committed suicide. Mary’s second morning on the bus was entangled for everyone including Frank. Mary decided she did not deal with bullying and as another kid came on the bus with the best project Mary has ever seen, another kid tripped him and crushed his project on the bus floor. Mary jumped up to defend the little kid who was being bullied. During class that day, Mary astonished everyone. She stood up and told the whole class how amazing will’s project was.


After Mary had begun school, her grandmother whom she had never seen or had contact with, showed up to Frank’s house. Frank knew it was a bad idea, but he couldn’t stop her from seeing her grandmother. Her grandmother brought her many presents including a laptop so she could do math games on it. Mary’s face was forever stuck on that device ever since. The issue progressed, Evelyn tries to seek custody of Mary because she wants Mary to seek the best education and she doesn't think Mary going to a regular school is good for her. She finds out Frank declined Mary the opportunity to go to a school for gifted students where she would not be bored. Evelyn made sure she had it her way, and the issue went to court where Mary’s uncle, grandmother, and biological dad had to show up. Evelyn had the chance to take her to massachusetts where she went to solve a problem from a college level professor. Mary had a big mix up, when she went back to court, her dad appeared. They asked him if he had ever made the effort to see Mary or if he even knew her. They asked her father to type Mary's full name in the computer but he failed to even know her middle name. Mary was then placed into foster care until further notice. Mary screamed and cried because Frank had promised she wasn’t going anywhere. He knew he had to do it on court order, until he went to visit one day and the foster parents pushed him away saying Mary didn’t want to see him. He knew nothing seemed right, so he went to the back where he had heard Evelyn’s voice. He found out she had been staying in their guest house to try to see Mary to gain custody. When they went back to court, Mary was relieved when she found out Frank got her back and she could attend regular school during the day and college classes in the evening.

Bonnie and Frank became a couple and Mary thought it was the funniest thing, but she loved mrs. Stevenson. Roberta, Mary’s best friend in the whole world, was very very happy to see Mary back at home. Mary was able to excel in her math like her mom did when she was young, and be able to have friends to rely on at her regular school with kids her age. Evelyn was not happy, but she got to see Mary when she wanted to. Mary had a yet stressful situation that came out to be the best situation for her. Sadly, her father could not get her because he had failed to show any concern or care for her. It did not seem to bother Mary because she just wanted to be back home with her Uncle Frank. Before Evelyn left back to Massachusetts he told her that Diane had solved the  Navier–Stokes problem, which had been the only thing she had been dieing to know. Frank told her that Diane wrote that it could be published after Evelyn’s death. Evelyn went back on her way and she was just relieved to know it was solved.

Over all, Mary had a good life as a young child, she loved, smiled, and made friends. Everyone loved that little girl very much and would do anything for her. She was proud of her single uncle,  despite the fact Roberta helped out alot when Frank would go to the bar or go work on boats. She got the best education offered to her. Frank only did what he thought his sister would have wanted for her. Frank and Diane were close, but sometimes he didn’t notice the things he should have, but he took very close and good care of Mary.

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