The Rain

May 15, 2017
By Jweekley BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
Jweekley BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
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        I was jogging within the foggy mist of the  twilight and it started out in the distance a drip, drip slows steady beat. Yet still out of the way, as some crows fly over the gloomy horizon of trees. It then grew  on the tops of the trees with a deafening rustling noise crescendoing from afar noise growing louder.  It grew so loud that the trees could not be seen. All of a sudden up ahead I saw a faint ray of light, a ray of hope. Taking one last look at the gloomy horizon, To becoming covered by the cimmerian shade of the dark to continue on towards the light. So I walked away from the past to continue on with the future.

        That had been until I saw something. In the shape of a window seemingly lit by a single candle, and the closer I got, the more I recognized it made the outline of a saggy window. I thought to myself “I must be kidding myself and that I could not run away like last time from - NO he would not think of it for doing so would finalize the decision  making it unquestionable, undeniable, he could not bear it-”  As I ran, I bounded for the house in doing so he had to leap over a giant ditch in the ground in the process knocked myself in the head so hard that it sent me though such a disarray. That I forgotten everything who I was, what I was running from, how my family loved me, what I did, who I was and used to be once was now forgotten.

        Waking up, startled and stunned, across the ground and the only thing I remembered now was the need for warmth, for the warmness of anything. She also remembered the need for running from something or towards something I did not know but then she saw it a ray of light that must have been what I had been running for. So once again I find myself running I had a purpose.

        I don't look back as I run for the light for the window I think “where is the rest of it”. My question then answered the closer I got to the light I then realized that it was an old mansion. That may have been in a run down horror movie, or run down factory.

      The closer I approached the old eerie mansion the more my pace became slowed down until I came to a complete halt. There was nothing appealing about this but shelter and all of my sense seemed to be screaming that was wrong. So standing there stood there in the front of it until the wind began to pick up. The closer I got to the mansion the more my run turned to a crawl to a jove crawl until I came to a complete halt.

      There was nothing appealing about this but, shelter, all I had that I know I could trust was my wits and my instinct. Either way I did not trust him I don't think he trusted me. The old man showed grim sorrow in his eyes for a few seconds in which I asked, “M-M-May I p-pleas-se seek sh-shelter in y-your-“ interrupting now with a smile on his face “ Sure, sure you must be absolutely freezing out there in that storm.”

        As I walked, he asked, “May I take your trench coat and set it out?” with that I must have been hesitant with the coat. For it had been one of the few things that was mine. At least I think but I had been wet and it was like a whole refrigerator so I trusted the man with this but as I took it off I noticed something rather peculiar in one of the pockets so as he took it away I managed to snatch it out of the pocket before it was out of my grasps.

I asked myself, “Why would she carry an odd flower and some crusty leaves  in this pocket? Why did I not notice it sooner?” Apparently, I didn’t notice that I had stopped talking. I had pulled all of my attention away from the man taking my coat taking and the leaves in my hand. Distracted by what I now realize to be a pearly white Petunia.

Examining the leaves made me recollect a tall woman with a the same coat that I had  long hair flowing hair that seemed to a part of a vague  distant past. Where the woman had taken away the one thing that mattered. She had been their friend until the end and betrayed them.

I was very surprised when he said, “Why must it be you out of all of them? You the only one of them that have always been the only one to take pity.  It must have been sudden or to fast for me to notice because the next thing I knew I was in a large cold room laying out on a tray covered by a plastic shower cover. Looking around I realized that the man was there crying his eyes out but he was not alone he had two other people accompanying the man. The accompaniment  seemed to have a dark blue aura emanating from them to allow me to realize they had to be police officers. but I could not move until I looked I passed some barrier that was in my way that when I looked back. I wonder what would have happened if it had been my the coat’s owner?

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