the new neighbor

May 11, 2017
By abbiebrown BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
abbiebrown BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
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Moving is apart of living for the Falcon’s life. Currently, they are living in Indiana and are not liking it very much. Ben is the father and is a very hard worker but has to travel a lot for his job. Mary is the mother and takes care of all six of the kids. Ian and Mike are the oldest and are very smart kids that do very well in school, but get in a little bit of mischief. Holly and Jeff are the middle children and are very close, but have a very hard time with the moving since they are younger. Lastly, are the infant twins, who obviously don’t talk much, but are a hand full for the family. Ben and Mary have moved 12 times in Ian and Mike’s life span and are trying to settle down and find a nice home to hopefully spend the rest of there life in.
The search has started and all the kids, except the twins, are on the search for a house in Foristell, Missouri. Ben found a really nice dealership job close by and thinks that he will stay at it for the rest of his life until retirement. The kids are searching and then all of a sudden they all found their new house. It was beautifully in the woods with a few neighbors and was perfect for there big family.
Saturday was the day they were going to move to there new dream home, so they had a lot of packing to do. They only had three days to get all their stuff in the trailer, but managed to do it.
“I can’t believe it is moving day,” said Holly.
“I know, this house is now going to be our actual home where we can actually grow up in.” said Jeff.
“I want to build a tire swing, a pond to swim and fish in, and maybe even a pool for summer days.” said Holly.
It’s moving day and the family is astounded with joy. The trip was around five hours but they finally got there. The house was beautiful and they fell in love the second they stepped in the door. Ben started looking around the outside of the house and noticed a janky house that was about 100 yards in front of there house. It was definitely a worn down old house, but Ben wanted to introduce him to his neighbors because that is what he always did.
*Knock, knock*
A man around 40 years old comes to the door.
“Can I help you?” said Josh, the neighbor.
“Uhm, no I am just here to introduce myself because me and my family just moved in across the street, my name is Ben.”
“Uh okay, I guess I will be seeing you.”
“Uhm okay, we'll see ya”
Ben had never had such a awkwardly weird neighbor and that started to concern him because they loved to hang with their neighbors considering they didn't really have friends because of all the moves. He didn't think that much on it and went back home to unpack.
“How much do we have unpacked?” said Ben.
“The twins room is done, now we are working on the middles.” said Mary.
“Okay sounds good.” said Ben.
It took them days to finally get everything unpacked but Ben decided to take a break and get on facebook. He decided to look up the neighbor to see what he is all about. He sees that he owns a tree cutting business but then notices something weird. “Great. Now I have new neighbors to deal with,” was Josh's new post.
Ben was very confused because he thought he was fairly friendly and didn't mean to cause any harm. So, he starts looking more on his page and sees that he used to live in Lake St. Louis and the people hated him there. Ben started to worry because he doesn't want to live next to a creep. He decided to go back over to his house and meet him again.
*Knock knock*
“You again,” said Josh.
“Yeah, sorry. I am just trying to figure out what your problem is.” said Ben.
“No problem here.” said Josh.
“Hmm okay well I will leave now, bye.” said Ben.
Ben went home even more confused because he didn't understand him at all. But, the day went on and the Falcons went to sleep.
The next day was a beautiful sunny day out and Ben decided to go get some flowers and landscape for the yard. He started to get in his truck but something is wrong with his car. It isn't starting so he started looking at the engine and it looks fine. He decided to look at his gas to see if maybe it was out of gas but it wasn't, but he noticed something odd about the gas. The gas looking gummy. He started messing with it a lot trying to fix it and get out but it wasn't working. He took it to the shop and they told him that something had to be put down there and it looked like gummy bears. Ben started to worry, “Would the neighbor do this?”
He left his truck at the shop for it to get fixed, but was very frustrated because he now had to pay all this money for something he didn't do. He called the police to see if there was anything they could do.
“Hello, I think my neighbor might have put some gummy substance in my gas tank and I was wondering if there was anything you could investigate.” said Ben.
“Unfortunately no, you should set up cameras and put locks on everything thought.” said the police.
“Okay, will do.” said Ben.
Ben went to the store and got a bunch of locks for the gas tanks. He went to bed a little frightened for his family that night. 
“Did you hear that Mary?” said Ben.
Mary was sound asleep. Ben got the gun from underneath his bed and went to look around the house. All of a sudden he saw Josh sneaking up the kids rooms. Ben quietly went up there and shot him in the head and called the police. The police came and investigated all the evidence to find Ben guilty and he had to spend 25 years in prison. The family couldn't find the money and ended up having to live in a homeless shelter and nothing was ever the same again.

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