May 10, 2017
By TutyM BRONZE, Overland Park , Kansas
TutyM BRONZE, Overland Park , Kansas
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Hi, my name is Lily guevara, in 2016 my 10 year-old sister, Mily,  had-had an accident that inexplicably I had no memories from, Mily and I were super close and kind to each other but everything changed after losing both of her hands in the accident , I kept both of her hands hidden because I had an obsession with blood, she was an artist and she was currently working in a self portrait ; since she lost both of her hands she was never able to finish her work. So I became an Artist. I was actually pretty good at painting and drawing so I decided to finish my little sisters work. At the end I use the blood from her hands to complete the paint and named it Soulkeeper since it was made with my sisters blood. But I never showed it to her. Over the time Mily became jealous since I became a better artist than she ever did, we were always fighting about that, but things got worst on the night of 2018 .
  “IS ALL YOUR FAULT THAT I LOSTED MY HANDS, HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER ABOUT IT!!!.”  those where the last words of my little sister before she ran to my room and locked the door. When my parents and I finally opened the door we founded Miley's body in the floor. She was dead, nobody knew how, the doctors said that it probably was because of a heart attack, but in anyway it was my fault. “How was it my fault that she losted both of her hands anyways?”I ask my parents, “you were too obsessed with blooded that you ended up cutting your sister's hands off.” she also told me that I cut her finger off when I was little, but since I could remember she had told me she cut it while cooking. How many people have I hurt? I felt guilty, too guilty, so guilty that I didn’t wanted to get close to people, because I could only hurt them. Two years after I was diagnosticated with depression and social anxiety, I isolated myself away from people taking home school classes and living alone since my parents divorce that same year. My older sister was going on a vacations so she left me babysitting my little nice. One night my nice ask me why did she had to go to sleep, I told her because little girls like her have to go to sleep, and then she pointed at the nothing and said “what about her?”, I looked at the place she was pointing, again,but there was nothing , I lived in the most isolated place you could think of, I didn’t even have neighbors. She got out of bed and started running tours my room and screaming “She is running away!” She opened the door and one of the paints fell off, it was soulkeeper, my little sister's paint, it was cover, like it always was. My little nice runned back to the guest room and closed the door. I uncovered the paint and with a gentle breeze I ended up trap in here. Now I understand, the paint trap souls and you can’t be released until a person sees the paint, takes your position, and only little kids can see the soul,  my little sister must have uncored the paint and her soul got trapped in the paint, now my sister has her soul in my body. It’s been 5 years now, and it might sounds selfish but I am waiting for someone to come to my room and uncover soulkeeper.

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