my worst day ever

May 10, 2017
By Anonymous

Hey, I’m wrong and let me explain one of the most scary months of my life, but I have to start at the beginning. I’m just a normal guy I work at target I try to get people to call me run from the target, but it rarely happens, I trick people into buying me gum cause I don’t want to spend money but it’s normally for my two kids, one of them is Chris the other one is named Paul and my wife.  My two boys really love  sports and really enjoy gum and sports. They're really good at sports, Chris plays basketball and Paul plays soccer we live in a small house in Oregon, it has two bedrooms. Three bedrooms one master and two small ones,a couple of weeks ago my wife died so what happened was she went to Quick trip and was getting some drinks and some snacks and then a robber came in and shot the place she got shot and he ran away. I was at home, I thought she was gone for a long time so I called her but she didn't answer so I went up there and saw a lot of police cars. I got really nervous and started looking for her, but could not find her so I asked a cop if he had seen her and he told me the story so I asked if she died, he was like yes so I just sat there and cried for at least an hour. Then I went back to my house to check on Paul and Chris.  But then I remembered I had to find a way to tell my two sons that their mom passed away so the next morning I woke them up together and I just told them straight forward as a family, we were sad for a really long time. But over about a month we were ok the police said that they were looking for the person who killed my wife and really I was ok whether they did or didn't at the time but as more time went by I became more and more angry inside.  I swore to kill the person who killed her because I guess the cops never found him so I did my research and I found the guy so I made the plan to kill him to a point where I would not get in trouble. So I was going to get to know them then invite him over then choke him to death.  I was going to use a walmart bad i found on the floor so it did go as plan  so all I got to do is invited him.
I started to realize I had killed the wrong person so I decided to get rid of the body. I went back to do some more research  now I knew I had the right guy his name was Robert and he worked with me so I kinda already knew him so I invited him over for dinner but this time instead of choking him I decided to feed him poison steak.  
  I thought it would be more painful and because he killed my wife I wanted it to be as painful as possible so I brought him off and right before I poisoned him, he started to scream so I held him down put a sock in his mouth then stabbed him so time went by
and all I could think about was was that being the real killer and the more I thought the more I believed it wasn't him. But life goes on, but then as I went to sleep one night I heard a strange bang on my wall I thought it was nothing so I went back to sleep but I heard it again so I thought it was my two boys. So I went into their room but they were
both asleep but I did not buy it so I woke them up and made them sleep in my room so then I went back to sleep and as I saw my wife in my dream and she said wake up and then the knock happened again so I got a little nervous, but I wouldn't say scared I felt like this was my wife just telling me I killed the wrong person and that I need to look again but I thought it’s ok I don’t need to worry about It think it is just me. Conscience tells me I was wrong, but that made me think to myself could it have neither of those people been the right people and if not, how could they not have been if neither of them than who could it have been could it have been an inside job and if it is then who could it have been. 

The author's comments:

funny and scary an sad

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