May 10, 2017
By FilthyPeasant BRONZE, Montgomery, Illinois
FilthyPeasant BRONZE, Montgomery, Illinois
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Falling. Just falling in a white canvas, enveloping over me and converging. The questions simply arise as I steadily plummet. Alas, all falls must be broken.
I crash on the ground. I lay dazed, yet unharmed. A strange feeling crept over my skin as I stood up and turned around. I now face a neighborhood of a dull grey. It gives me a dreary feeling to face this image, as the lovely whiteness has been replaced with a foreboding feeling.
Pacing the crumbled and decaying sidewalk, I see a young boy frozen in a timescape with a ball floating mere inches from a basketball hoop. My appealed interest wants me to interact with this young man, such as curiosity does. I approach to investigate, but soon he disappears, dissolving into nothing. I leapt into the air for the ball hovering above my head, but it disintegrated upon my touch.
A complete and utter silence suffocated every move. My footsteps were deaf notes, even my blinking consisted of no volume. I attempted to let out a screech, but for it to never escape my mouth. Had I some defect, or was this place corrupted by some strange forces? I proceeded to walk down the sidewalk.
I gradually reached a yellow house, an unnatural centerpiece in this setting. The windows gleamed with a fiery red flame. Yet, it was simply a figment of my imagination, right?
I decided to look away at the sight, deducing that my visions were unrealistic. I glanced back, only to notice a cracking had risen. The still soundlessness that once dominated had broke, only to wake from the fire that the house had become. A blaze was spewing, reaching other territories as it gradually consumed the other houses. A few minutes passed to show a charred remain of what I appeared to recognize. Though, I could not remember the address completely, the address on the mailbox stated it was 7 Greenville Drive.
I hadn’t any recognition of this, but a fond trickling of water erupted from the white barren sky, appearing as if from nowhere. I proceeded to run, starting to fear the effects of the arid land. It was almost as if it were a wasteland. Nothing moved or stirred; I was the only creature roaming these parts. That’s until I saw a figure moving up ahead.
It was moving towards me in a swaying motion. It was almost as if it was seeking to communicate with me. I steadily jogged, noting that steady pitter-patter of shoes smacking the pavement and the rain gradually dissipating. The abnormality stretched its leg toward me, twitching its head slightly.
That’s when I realized the cold, dead exterior of the figure. The initial grasp of shock sent me to a standstill. He had a withered body, almost malnourished to a degree. I couldn’t bear to stare at this grotesque beast. To the right, a road seemed to emerge and lead off into another direction. I sprinted towards it, keeping sure to dodge the odd character. I made it to the other side, yet a voice painfully uttered, ”I only wish to help.”
I didn’t want help. I didn’t need help. Whatever that thing was, it must not capture me. I ran down the street, until a sudden gust of wind delivered a newspaper article towards me. The text flew past my eyes with a headline stating “House burnt to ground in suburban area killing whole family. Authorities still looking for potential causes.” My mind wandered to the house I saw engulfed in flames. I went forward and through, only looking back to see the weathered being still pursuing me. Unfortunately, it had kept a steady pace, and was within 15 yards of my position.
The figure proceeded to say, ”You wish not for help? You seem lost.” I looked, horrified and disgusted. What eyes there were of this figure were simply blue flames, the grim disfigured body that was a dark grey, reaching his hand out. It is as if he wants me to grasp his hand and to shake it, though I would rather not accept it. He stepped forward, opening his palm out wider.
In that split second, I looked behind me to realize that I was cornered. The road ended there, and it was me who was about to be grabbed.
No. I won’t be taken away by whatever this entity is. I took a running start, and leapt off into the white void that seemed to call my name.

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