Mysterious Man

May 10, 2017
By , Fairfield, OH
  Walking along the alley, the man—looking side to side like a cheetah looking at its prey, suddenly disappeared. No one heard—no one saw. Except for a little girl named Isabella. Isabella was a nine year old girl. She had blue eyes, and blonde hair. She is the only one that saw when the man disappeared. She went to go tell her parents, but her parents didn’t believe her. After Isabella tried to explain once again, her parents didn’t believe her. She went to her room that night. She tried to figure out what she saw, but she didn’t have an explanation. She went to sleep that night in her Moana bed. After out of nowhere, she felt something. Something—unusual. Her gut feeling was telling her someone else was in the room with her, yet she didn’t want to believe it. She laid down still as a rock. She didn’t want to believe it. She laid down still as a rock. She didn’t move—she didn’t speak. Then all of a sudden—Boom! Isabella got up to see what the loud noise had been. She rushed to the kitchen like Speedy Gonzalez. All of a sudden out of nowhere she sees the man that had disappeared right in front of her. His face had changed—It was white as snow. His image looked different, yet Isabella knew it was him—or was it? No one really knows what happened afterwards. Many say she ran away like an eighteen year old leaving home. Others say she disappeared like a ghost, but nobody has uncovered the truth about Isabella or the mysterious man. It’s a mystery that will—never be solved.

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