The Night of the Dead

May 9, 2017
By LolaJames BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
LolaJames BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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October 15, 2001, a girl shot in the back of the head while sitting on the school swing set. The news traveled fast, Donald Martin shot an innocent 11-year-old girl enjoying herself on the swing. After realizing what Martin had just done he quickly shot himself in the head.
10 years later
As the recess bell finally rings me, Jillian, and the rest of The Spades, which include Amanda, Jordan, and Riley gather and head out to recess.
“Alright ladies we’re swinging today,” I say as head of The Spades.
I head to the swings as everyone else follows. Since I’m head of The Spades and there are five swings I usually sit on the swing perfectly in the middle, but there was some weird energy on that swing that told me don't sit on it. I ended up sitting on that swing anyways because, well that was my swing so I had to.
Today was Friday The Spades favorite day, every Friday after school we go to Groovy Smoothies and get smoothies, we all have a sleepover and later that night we all do something fun and adventurous. But this Friday was different, tonight was my dad’s death anniversary. So instead of doing some fun thing we all come up to the school park, light candles and bring roses, because that's where my Dad died. To make sure none of the girls forgot, I reminded them.
“Hey guys don't forget my Dad’s Death anniversary is tonight”
“Of course we wouldn't forget Jill”, Riley said caringly.
“Do remember your dad at all?”, question Amanda, as usual
“No, I was only like one when he died, but I know I would have loved him”
“Even though…” Amanda started but was then cut off by Jordan saying
I was about to say something but was then cut off by the bell for recess to end. Everyone quickly ran inside while I walked slowly behind everyone thinking about missing my dad and how many roses I was going to bring tonight. Instead of doing my math worksheet, I was spaced out trying to figure out how many roses I needed for tonight. While I was dazing off I saw a girl sitting on the swing outside in the corner of my eye, I quickly turned my head looked out the window and saw nothing there, I figured she had just left before I had the chance to see her. 
“Get started on your worksheet Miss. Martin”, the teacher said as she saw me dazing out of the window. I then quickly got started on my worksheet.
After school was released The Spades took a seat in my sister's car and headed to Groovy Smoothies where we take more pictures of our smoothies than we do drink them. After we slurped the rest of our smoothies we head to the store to get 10 roses, which I finally figured out because it was his 10th death anniversary. We also decided to get 10 candles to light, after we got what we needed we headed to my house to get ready for the night.
When we got home we all headed straight to my room to sit, snapchat, and chill for awhile. Once it was finally dark outside we got ready for the ceremony. We don't actually really have to dress up, but we always think it's fun to dress in all black, also Amanda thinks it attracts the spirits better.
“Dinner’s ready!” My mom yells and we all make our way down to the kitchen, “Looking darling and a little creepy as always ladies”
We were all too busy eating to respond
“You girls make sure to be safe tonight,” my mom said with a straight face
“Of course Ms. Martin”, said Riley and everyone else nodded
“You guys ready to go?”, I asked waiting impatiently
“Yes, I’ll grab the roses!”,said Jordan
“And I’ll grab the candles”, said Amanda
We all hurried out the door so we could have enough time before we had to be back at the house. When we got to the swings we set the ten candles in a circle and set a rose by each

one of them. We made the circle small enough so we could sit around it. Before we started saying our traditional lines I had to ask,
“Hey did any of you guys see that girl on the swing right after recess?”
“No? Do you know who she was”, questioned Riley
“No, I just saw her as I was working and I didn't know who she was, but I felt kind of bad because she seemed really depressed.”
“That's weird do you think she went to our school? Maybe she was just late from coming inside from recess.”, said Jordan
“Yeah, that's probably it. Anyway let’s just get started”, I said
Right as I was about to speak I heard the swings creaking behind me, thinking it was just the wind I carried on and forgot about.
I started, “Dear Dad, Donald Martin, today is the”, I paused because I had to think for a second, “today is the tenth year that you have been dead. I miss you dearly and hope you can join us in this ceremony.”
I hit play to start the music, we always play soft music while we all say our prayers. Then all of sudden I felt some rock or something hit me super hard.
“Ow! Who just threw that at me”, I said
“Not me”, they all said
“Well that's weird something just hit me in the head and it hurt”
Then within one second it got really dark and all the candles went out. All of the rose petals were taken off the roses. At this point all of us are terrified and we all get up. First, the tornado sirens go off ringing our ears, then the swings start to swing crazily on their own, we all back up. Whispers call my name saying “It's my time to seek revenge”. All the power goes out, in houses, the street lights and no one can see a thing, and we hear a soft quiet voice say, “Come play on the swings with me”,we all freak out.
In a quivering voice, Jordan says, “Uh guys I think we should go home now”
We all start to run then hear Amanda screaming. We turn around to see Amanda being dragged on the ground. We run back and don't know what to do, we yank on Amanda legs trying to pull her back we can’t. We can't hear anything over Amanda’s screaming, but we pull and pull, we pry Amanda away. Thinking we got Amanda away from the ghost, we run out the gate, down the hill, across the street, and into my house, slammed the door shut, locked it, ran upstairs to my room and hid under the covers. We got out of there so fast we left the candles and flowers. To break the silence I say,
“Guys what was that”, we all pop our heads out of the covers.
Thinking the same thing we all look around, I see Riley and Jordan, I close my eyes hard, rub them just to make sure I'm not dreaming I only see Riley and Jordan. “Guys”, I say “Where’s Amanda”. We all start panicking we search my house, not there. We go outside running around while we scream bloody mary for Amanda. We hear the whispers again, “Right here my darlings safe and sound with me up in heaven”, we all are dead silent and don't know what to do. The voice then comes right by my ear, “Since I couldn't catch you then I decided to catch your friend”, I start crying and screaming and we dart back into my house before anyone can catch us. We all freeze take in what just happened then start crying realizing that Amanda is dead. I run up to my mom to tell her what happened she freaks out, not really knowing what to do, but then deciding to call 911.
We stand outside waiting for the ambulance all huddled up, no one says a thing or moves a muscle. When the ambulance finally gets to the park we watch them go find Amanda’s dead body and take it away. The whole rest of the night no one said anything, until exactly 12:00 in the morning. We all woke up at the same time stared at each other and said: “My head hurts”.
“Uh let’s go get some water”, I said as I got up and both followed.
We three drank our water in dead silence, no one says a word and no one moves a muscle, then we went right back to bed, the moment was probably one of the weirdest moments I’ve ever experienced. The next morning I wake and I can't move my arms, I can't move my legs, all I can see is pitch black and the girl who was sitting on the swing.

The author's comments:

This is a suspense story i just felt like writing and hope you enjoy. 

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