The cats

May 10, 2017
By ellllssssiiieee BRONZE, New York, New York
ellllssssiiieee BRONZE, New York, New York
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A girl named Ivy cora lives in a small texan town. She loves cats, but sadly they start to attack her. She doesn't know why and it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Ivy cora’s favorite animal was a cat. Her favorite type of cat was a bombay because she thought they looked majestic at night with their shiny black fur. It was a blazing hot day in Marfa Texas, and Ivy was making her way home from her day job at a bookstore. The sun beat down on her and her feet grew tired. She plugged in her headphones and put the song “Love cats” by the cure on repeat. As she walked, she counted how many stray cats there were and waved at them. She even stopped to pet a black cat, but it lashed out and tried to bite her so she stayed a safe distance for the rest of the walk. Ivy smiled at the neighbors cats as she neared her house, they hissed at her. She thought it was weird, but didn’t pay too much thought. I should get a cat she said to herself, smiling at the thought of it. She got to her house and headed towards the back door to dive into the pool. She opened the door to reveal a bunch of cats in her backyard. They were everywhere. This must be like, every cat in marfa! Ivy said to herself.
“Shoo.” She yelled at the cats, not leaving the door frame. They didn’t move an inch. They all stared at her for about one minute, before one jumped up and scratched her left foot, leaving a deep cut.
“Ow!” Ivy hollered. She slammed the door shut and hobbled over to the bathroom to wrap up her foot. When she looked up , she saw a small gray kitten sitting up straight on the edge of the tub.
“How did you get in here? Get out.” She said. “Get out!” The gray kitten didn't move. Ivy walked over, her foot stinging with pain. She picked the kitten up by the neck and tossed it out of the bathroom. The kitten seemed weird. Before she could close the door, It ran back in and got a hold of her leg. It sunk its teeth into her left leg and Ivy screamed. She tried to detach it, but its claw got caught in her flesh and a nail was removed from the kitten’s paw. Ivy had no choice. The small cat was latched on her really tight. It’s nail was stuck in her knee and It’s teeth were jammed into her leg, pulling out flesh with its paws. although it scarred her to do this, she choked the kitten. She wrapped her hands around its neck, squeezing the tiny creature, trying to make its death quick. It scratched at her hands and squealed which broke her heart. Once the kitten's body was no longer moving, she dropped it, which caused a loud thud against the hard wood floors. Ivy had Gray clumps of  blood coated, matted fur stuck in her wounds and a shallow hole in her thigh. She removed the fur and used anti-bacterial washes on her cuts as she sat on the edge of the tub. Ivy sighed. What just happened? She asked herself, just then processing the situation. She wrapped up her leg in gauze, the kitten, although small, had been strong and very capable of causing damage. Some of the cuts were surprisingly deep and painful. She got up and made sure all the windows and doors were shut and locked. She then layed down to take a nap. The day passed by and at 6 pm, Ivy was still asleep. She was wrapped in fluffy blankets and was very content when a loud scratching noise on her bedroom door woke her up. She immediately sat up straight, causing her leg to throb.
“Ow!” She whimpered. Ivy made her way out of bed, and slowly creaked open the door. There, two large cats sat. She stumbled backwards and fell, bumping her back against the foot of the bed. “Stay away!” She cried. She expected the cats to jump at her, and tear her apart, but they just stared. One even crawled over to her and purred with its eyes closed, rubbing its head against her arm. She jolted her arm away, and slowly walked into her kitchen, trying not to cause panic to the cats. Ivy limped through the kitchen, grabbing a chip out of an open bag, slowly walked outside, and hobbled over to her neighbor's house.

The author's comments:

The piece was inspired by Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds"

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