Night Hawks

May 16, 2017
By , Shawnee Mission, KS

An old man named Phil trying to make money to take care of himself runs a business named Phillies. He sells drinks at his store. Maybe older people come in and they want a glass of wine or hot cocoa. Maybe some younger kids come in and they want lemonade or even water from playing. Phil sells all kinds of drinks whatever you need he has it. He figured it would be smart to not go so high on prices because maybe someone doesn’t have a lot of money or chooses not to spend a lot of their money. He also finds it that maybe he drinks our cheaper than other places drinks our so people would most likely prefer his. He has a nice amount of customers come in everyday. He is open from 7am to 10pm. One night he is cleaning up the shop because he is going to be closing soon.
It was 9:22pm. There was only on customer in the shop and it was a lady in a red dress, she drinks as he cleans.
Two men in black tuxedo’s walk in to talk to Phil. They are there to make a business offer. One of the men says, “ Mr. Phil may we ask you a few questions.” Phil questions them to know why they would want to do that because they are not the police. They came to take his business. The man asked, “ We would like to buy this store from you.” Phil doesn’t like where they are going. He asked, “them for what?” The man tells him that he has a great business and he has a great amount of customers and they would like the company bigger and use the store across the USA. He answers them and tell them no. The man begged him and said he will give him half a million dollars.

Phil thought to himself and said no he is doing just fine, he doesn’t want their money. He felt it was better for him to keep his company and if he wants to do something with it he will decide when the time is right but right now he doesn’t feel that way.

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