The chosen one?

May 11, 2017
By CristianL BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
CristianL BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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I keep hearing voices in my head saying, “you are the chosen one”, “you are the chosen one”, I didn’t know what the voices in my head mean by that, and I also could see some people in black shirt and black pants coming for me and I didn’t even know why, I was scared and didn’t know what was going to happen to me.
7 years earlier:
I was celebrating my 8th birthday, in my house with all my family members, even my aunt Maria was there, I hadn’t seen her since I was 4 years old. Everyone was telling me happy birthday. Everything was going good, we ate cake and a lot of candy. I was playing with my cousins hide and seek and I always won, but also as always my little cousin Albert, cheated when he had to find us, when we are hiding he peeks to see where we hiding at, so he find all of us in less than 2 minutes. So after we catch him peeking, I and my other cousin told him, “You are a cheater”
“I am not cheater” my cousin Albert says
“Yes you are, Albert,” my cousins and I say.
After arguing for that long moment, we didn’t play with him anymore, because he cheats. After I get bored playing with them, I like to see through the window to see if is nice outside so I can play, but that time I looked, I saw a man in black shirt and black pants outside my house, I was scared and go told my dad about the guy, but when my dad went to where I saw the guy he was already gone as if he had disappeared.
On my 12th birthday, I had a party with my friends in peter piper pizza and we had a lot of fun, we were playing to the videogames that were there and ate a lot of pizza as I feel I was going to explode. Some of my friends did gave me presents, not good ones but they tried, some gave socks, others gave me clothes and few of my friends gave me money. After that crazy day at peter piper pizza with my friends celebrating my birthday was over, my mom picked me up and we went home. At night, when I was going to sleep, I hear a voice in my head say, “Time is running low”, I did not know what that mean, or who even say that, I got scared, but did not tell anyone because they will think that I was crazy.
I was 14th years old now and in one week exactly I will be 15th, I was so excited because my parents say that they would do the biggest party ever and I was all excited about that, which was one of the things I just think about it. The other things was about that man that I saw when I was 8 years old or the voice I hear when I was 12 years old, these things were very vivid in me, as if they recent. Still I was more excited about my birthday and my party, I had already invited all my friends and people in school that I don’t even talk to but since these was going to be the best party I invited them anyway. Then the day of my birthday came and we were about to start, my friends started arriving and also my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. then everyone arrived and the party started. I was talking with my friend and with other guests. Then when the real party was going to begin, something unexpected happen.
People started running and screaming from all the ways, but I was focused only on the men’s on black that were coming to where I was standing, they were the same I saw when I was 8 years old, and no we are here as how we started it, hearing voices saying you are the chosen one and the men in black coming for me, getting closer and closer and I was just there standing there waiting to see what happened next. Then out of nowhere everything became black and the last I remember was been hit in the head but I don’t remember with what, I was in a big black room with a screen in the middle, so all I did was wait to see if someone would come. After 3 hours of waiting someone came, it was a tall man, and very rude he look.
“Hi my name is Johnson” he said.
“Hi, my name is Edgar” I said.
‘I know that’ He said, “You are here, because you were chosen for a very special mission” He said.
“What are you talking about” I said.
“You hear me” He said, I just stared at him.
“There were 2 people chosen for this mission, one is the true chosen one and the other is an impostor” He said.
“Ok” is all I could said
“Ok, kid you have 48 hours to save the world, you will be fine if you are the chosen one, but if you’re the impostor you will die, Good Luck” He said.
Then everything went black again. I wake up after a while, I was in my house or what was left of it, it was a really chaos out here, but I have to be concentrated on what that man told me, I have 48 hours to save the world, but from what? What should I do? Where should I go? Too many questions that I had, I didn’t know what to do. So I started by going to my house and for my surprise there was a note or should I say a clue, it say, if you are the chosen one go to Spain and in Barcelona you will find to men, go to them and tell them you’re the chosen one, they be waiting for you, but if you are the impostor you are going to be killed instantly, good luck.
So I have to travel all the way to Spain in 48 hours, that was hard but not impossible, so I left in my journey and I was going for a helicopter since it more easy flying but when I got there, the helicopters were destroyed, so it was time for plan B, go in a boat, it was a really bad decision, I was traveling from the US to Spain and in boat the trip would be 3 days minimum, but in the boat there was a helicopter, so I go up and luckily for me, the keys were there, so I set up for the trip. ‘I got to Spain, when there were 30 minutes left for me to get there or the world was going to get destroyed. I was happy I could be a hero, but scared at the same time, because if I was the impostor I would die, when I got to Spain, Barcelona, I saw the two men in yellow that the note told me about, but there was another teenager with them, 15 years old also, and as I looked it thought he was the impostor and I felt bad for him, because he was going to die, but out of nowhere a light took him to the sky,  I couldn’t believe it, he was the chosen one and I was the impostor. I was about to run, but the men in yellow saw me and he just point his gun at me, so I just stay there, waiting for my death, I was just there crying and remembering the good things I did in life and then I hear a shot and I just felt to the floor. The positive thing, was that he shot me in the hand, but the negative thing was that he didn’t shot me, with a normal gun, it look more like a dart gun, but that thing had some kind of chemical that would kill me slowly, so this is how my life will end, well at least I tried to save the world, I laugh for the rest of the time I had to live, then I died.
The End

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