Being normal

May 11, 2017
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It was like any other weekend in Mumbai. Strolling around the streets, Vicky’s mind was occupied with things that he didn’t even know. Vicky isn’t as cool as his name is. In fact he is not at all cool. He doesn’t have any friends neither did he have a casual talk with any of his classmates. Living a bachelor’s life in Mumbai was not an easy task. The landlord asks you more questions than an interviewer would ask for an extremely professional job. But Vicky had good luck; he found a house only on the second day of his arrival. You see I call it a house not a home. No one who knew him could completely understand him. He isn’t an introvert though. Usually we believe that people of this kind posses some unique abilities but Vicky was neither ambidextrous nor creative. The only person he talked to was Aunt Jenny who made rice cakes in the morning and were to be eaten till the night.  Not many saw him as an odd person; it was only the people of his age who do. But he himself saw all others like an odd-lot. He had a habit of strolling in the streets in the weekends and dine at the Bombay Food Circle. This place was always crowded with all the young coming in groups and having snacks, chatting, taking photos. Vicky spent most of his time smiling at the chaos of the extroverts. It was not always an entertainment for him though, sometimes it was annoying too.
On one cool Saturday night, a young man in torn jeans, a band of bracelets on his right hand and spectacles on his nose that couldn’t correct any vision asked him “Dude can you move aside, I want to take a photo?”
“You want to take a photo of what?” asked Vicky.
“Of this, this dish” replied the guy hesitatingly.
“Why, you want to apply for a passport of your dish? Just shut up your mouth, I am not going to move.”
The word ‘shut up’ was more than enough for the spectacled idiot to start quarrelling. It soon led to a fight and Vicky returned with a black eye. He looked at himself in the mirror hoping his eye would get well soon.
“Why can’t people be normal?” he thought to himself as he tried to forget the incident and fell asleep.
The next weekend Vicky was eating noodles when he overheard some boys. Yes they were four as every bad gang is. One of them looked a way too older than the other three. He had a suspicious face and looked like a guy high on drugs. The other three looked excited for some reason and the fat guy among them was even springing with anxiety.
The older guy said with a low voice which was more suspicious than his face “See, we are going to call her and ask her to come to a deserted place.”
“Which deserted place?” asked the desperate one among the four.
They thought for a little while and then decided the back gate of paper factory as the best place.
Vicky was just getting uninterested when he heard the fat guy speak, “we will chloroform her and take her to the spot in the car.”
The time of their action was just half an hour from that moment. Suddenly there was a storm, a tsunami, a volcanic eruption and an earthquake. All at once inside the small head of Vicky. He left is noodles to get cold on the table and started his long journey back to his room which lasted not a second more than five minutes. Searching for a handkerchief would be stupid as he never knew a man could sweat so much.
It was only when he took out his room key that he understood he should go back. A booting sound of his motorcycle and Vicky was driving back to the Bombay Food Circle but didn’t find those guys. It was almost the time the four mentioned. He drove to the paper factory. The place was exactly how one would need to commit a crime-dark, with branches of tress covering up even the shadows and the most important –no one in sight. It was already fifteen minutes past and Vicky was eagerly looking at his watch tapping his left foot on the ground. There wasn’t a big difference between the sounds of the Big Ben and his heart. His eyes widened up like those of frogs as a white car of convenient size had come and stopped. The four boys got down and were definitely waiting for the girl. A girl of his age was walking straight towards the boys with a broad grin as if she knew what they were up to. Within a second the girl was chloroformed and was inside the car. Vicky shocked with what his eyes witnessed started following the car. He rushed and collided with a street vendor’s stall, making all the grocery sweep the floor. “Stop there” shouted a fat and heavy moustached cop. Ignoring him Vicky continued to drive, boosting the cop’s ego to get him immediately. After a few minutes of cat and mouse chase, the cop finally got caught of him and keeping a look on the car Vicky narrated the whole incident with short gaps to take in breathe.
“Wow, beautiful story” said the cop with absolute pun.
“Sir you should just follow me”
Then both of them were following the car. They reached a place filled with darkness. The car slowed down. Vicky and the cop were a little farther looking at the car as the four boys got down. They brought the slacking girl out of the car and made her sit on a rock.
The cop was taken aback but said “I still can’t believe you are right.”
“Really, then now see what’s going to happen” said Vicky.
Both Vicky and the cop stood there as beads of sweat dripped down their forehead, looking at the boys. The dark woods were making way for the eerie sounds of cricket and frogs. The fat guy among them sprinkled some water on the girl’s face and for the two guys looking at this from a far off bush it was like injecting adrenaline into their blood.
Suddenly the place was lightened up with blue lanterns hung on the trees, a cake was placed in front of the girl and the boys shouted “happy birthday”. The girl jumped up in air shouting like a cat does when a glass of cold water is thrown on it.
The cop looked at Vicky with narrowed eyes, which clearly said “why the hell did you waste my time?”
“Why can’t you just be normal man?” asked the cop.
“Me! I am not normal? Then what did they do?” exclaimed Vicky.
“That was a normal thing to do. They were just being normal.”



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