May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

“You would not know what it feels like to lose your Best friend do you?”
“Sir we are doing everything we can.”

“Well i just want Answers, And justice. But you, along with all the other donut munching, coffee chugging, Uniform wearing wannabes Don’t know how to Serve decent people.”
And with that herman Walters walked out of the office with more than just a bad attitude, he walked out with a grudge.

Herman walked home in the rain, and the cold. He felt as if his soul was covered by a blanket in despair. But he know he would get justice on way or another. For him, and his best friend, Max.

When herman walked into the police office he walked with a purpose because he knew he would get justice today one way or another. What the officer he was passing did not know; was that he was packing a lethal weapon, his mind. Herman had stayed up for countless hours for the past week thinking of the perfect to make the officers give him justice. He had devised a plan so sophisticated that it would fool even the most witty detective. Herman himself had been in the police men's shoes. He knew how to find the low life that killed max so the first thing he did was tell the chief what he was going to do, and it did not matter to herman if he went along with it or not. He would do it regardless. When he got the chief’s approval he finally did what he had planned all along, and that was do everything in his power to find max’s killer. He had been able to narrow down the suspects to only a few people one of which was his ex- wife Maria. When he went the police office to report it he walked into the chief's office to find it empty. He was on vacation, he would have to do this by himself.

  Knowing what he had known before, he decided to check maria’s social media posts and was able to track her down. And where he pulled up was at a thrift store buying some tarps and ropes. So he stopped her immediately and he talked to her as if he had just ran into her by accident. But this encounter was all but accidental. When he pulled out the handcuffs ever so gently, she knew what he was really there for immediately. She took off , and he was not far behind. Through racks of clothes and piles of useless junk that was the thrift store. When they got into the parking lot she tripped  on a lugnut and herman was thankful. Herman knew if she had kept going that he would have to stop.

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?”
“Duh, i’m not as dumb as you think i am.”
“Sometimes i wonder”

When they walked into the office, they knew Herman had got the law breaker. And they all knew he did it to avenge his best friend Max. Who had been brutally murdered by Maria with a knife and whose body had been found weeks prior. In field in a hole which explains the tarps and rope. He knew he had avenged max and he felt a great weight lifted off of his shoulders.

The author's comments:

is a nonfiction peice that is dramatic. and i made in two hours. Hope you enjoy;) 

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