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Silent Bang

Me with one of my six barrels empty and my master’s family are out on a hunting trip. They always bring me along in case anything goes wrong. We are on our way back, then suddenly a bear comes out and it’s paw is up getting ready to strike against master’s son, his son keep’s the family together.…
* * * *
Once me with none of my six barrels empty and master’s son was alone in a room. I nuzzled him with my muzzle, doing what I do best comforting the family. He was sad at his older sister’s boyfriend, because he broke up with his sister, and she was severely depressed, and he knew I could help.
He picked me up and gently carried me to his sister, and told her what she could do, and left me there. After knowing she wouldn’t do anything too reckless of course.
We  went to her boyfriend's house and paid him a little visit, and with a single pull all her problems were gone, and she trusted me to know I can solve all their problems.
* * * *
…I guess we went into the bear’s territory. My master and I aims at the foul beast, it seems that each second that passes is an entire life, and as we shot at the bear, a shot strayed and hit master’s son, and he falls down cold, with a silent bang.
* * * *
There I am laying with three of my six barrels empty, my owner picks me up while sobbing, feeling the warmth I could give him. He brings me to his head so that I could I nuzzle him, with his hand shaking. He takes a deep breath, and pulls my button. Then he relaxed, and I fall to the floor. Laying next to me is my master, he is going onto the next part of life. I am so glad I was of use to him, but I will miss him, as will his three daughters and wife. But don’t be worried, they will soon be reunited, and I’m so glad I will be of use to them too.
* * * *
Me with four of my barrels empty and master’s first daughter that I helped before was talking, she knew I could help, as that I did with her boyfriend troubles. She gets up and brings in her two other sisters all severely depressed. The older sister told them what her brother told her so long ago, and her sisters agree. And with each silent bang in the night, each of them falls one by one.
Soon after my master’s wife came in. And saw all the sister’s there laying down visiting their brother and dad. Master’s wife sobbed knowing there was only one way she could be happy, and picked me up with all but one barrel empty. She shakes her hand with joy knowing that she will visit her family soon too, and with the last silent bang she meets them again, I just wish I could be their too, but there will be more fun things in the future.
* * * *
The police officer picked me up, and calls in four “10-56s” to the police department. I am so glad I could help this family, and I can’t wait to help this one too.

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