The Past

May 9, 2017
By Ronneka BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
Ronneka BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
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On a warm sunny day in March, a group of young college kids decided to go for a run after school. The three that went today did notice that their best friend Sam did not show up late like she normally does.

Carey said “Well you guys know Sam is probably sleeping in today,”

“True, remember she did that to us last week on Thursday...wait today is Thursday. Sam is taking Thursday as her rest day and decides not to tell me,” Tori says.

“Oh Tori chill out. We all had a time out day last week. Don't you remember that you were sleeping in Tuesday?” Carey says. Torri looks up and touches her chin as if she is thinking and does not remember.
But then she responds and says “Well that was different I overslept Carey, and that happens every now and then,”

“No sorry honey but I think it's every week. Isn't it Sean?”

“No no no do not bring me into the girly drama. I plead the fifth” Sean says.

. A few hours later they had finished up their workout session and went home to freshen up, but came to the agreement that they would meet up at Bread co. to study and do homework. Carey said to Tori and Sean as she got in her car “I’m going to call Sam on my home to see what was up with her. So Tori don't even think about calling and harassing her,”

“Okay whatever bye!” Tori yells out her car to Carey.

She would call Sam to make sure everything was okay on her way there.

Once that Carey was on her way to Bread co. she called Sam and she picked up,
“Hello Carey…” Sam answered in a groggy tone.

“Hey Sam how are you honey, you don't sound too good?”

“I ate some chinese take out last night and my stomach has dropped, if that makes since,”

“Oh man, well do you want me to stop by, i could bring you some pepto bismol,”

“No I’m okay I will just sleep on the toiled all day,”

“Okay, well call me if you need anything love you bye,”

“Sure will bye bye.”

After the phone call Carey just decided to bring Sam bread co. to her house once they were finished. Arriving there Sean and Tori were already seated at a table. When Carey walked in they asked did she talk to Sam. Carey had told them about Sam having Chinese takeout stomach issues.

“How in the world does she eat takeout and that’s not on our diet plan I swear you guys let Sam do whatever she please and i don't think that fair I mean i am you guys friend to and i don't have the chance to do anything you guys should not do that with us we are both the youngest and should be trested the same,” before Tori contined “TORI SHUT UP WE GET IT!” Carey and Sean say in unison,”

“Well excuse me for expressing my feelings to my friends” Tori says in sarcasm.

“How about we finish eating and talk about that jibber later,” Sean suggest.

“Okay but you promise sean?” Tori asks.

“Positive Tori.” Sean answers.

Later in the evening Pulling up to Sam's house Carey noticed that her mom was not home and Sam’s car was in the driveway with a broken back window. Carey instantly rushed to the door knocking only to see that it had already been open. Walking in slowly she noticed broken glass on the floor and everything in the house was a wreck. “Sam are you here?” Carrey calls out softly. Slowly walking up the steps she made her way to Sam’s room to find her bed turned over and papers from her bookbag everywhere. Suddenly she heard a faint vibration and noticed Sam’s phone on the floor. Her mom was calling so Carrey told her to get there right away.

When her mother got there she contacted the police and Carrey notified her other best friends about the bad news. They were devastated and determined to find their friend. The next day at school Sean was walking in their stairway late to fifth hour as always and saw a $20 bill, only to see Sam’s face on the front and a not on the back saying “She only has 5 days and you are obligated to find her in your favorite hiding place” Immediately Sean went to his friends and they contacted the police with the information.

“So what could this possibly mean if we have no clue what this $20 bill means?” Asks Tori.

“Hey do you guys remember in 8th grade when Sam bet me $20 to from from the top of the sliding stairs to the bottom?” asks Sean.

“Oh yea and that kid Billy pushed you down and ran afterwards,” Carrey says.

“Then later that day Sam was so nice enough to give me the $20 anyway,”Sean said.

“Wait Sean remember the next day you said someone stole it in the locker room and left a fake one with your face on it?”  asked Tori.

“Yes and it was going around school that the kid Billy is the one who stole it but transferred the next day.”
“That’s crazy, looking at this note you can tell that the person has horrible handwriting,” says Torri.

Thinking to himself what could this mean when it says favorite hiding spot. What is a place we all like to go to? Wait what if it's “Rainbow Summer Camp!” Sean shouts.

“Sean what about Rainbow summer Camp?” Carrey asks.

“It's the last time we spent time together in the clubhouse we created unger the grassy bridge remember?” Sean says.

“Yes you're right Sean, but that camp has been closed down for 7 can't possibly be available to anyone now. Plus it's 7 hours from here, how can we get there in time if
Sam only has 3 days and it already has been one and a half?”  Torri asks.

They talked about possible outcomes and decided to leave the next morning. But that night before they left they all decided to go by Sam’s house to look in her room to figure out what other info they could find. Tori looked in Sam’s closet and she found her daily diary on the floor. The last thing that Sam had written was about their kids trip to Rainbow Summer Camp..


“I had so much fun at camp but there was this weird kid Billy who always ate my lunch all the time. No that I think about it the same guy who pushed Sean in 8th grade was that same Billy who ate my lunch at camp. I know this is a little weird but I think I saw him today before I walked in the house but that’s probably just my mind playing tricks on me. “

“Guys is it weird that Sam wrote about that Billy kid the day before she went missing?”
asks Tori.

“Wait she did? That’s just the better reason why we must get to Camp fast!” Sean urges.
“Okay let's sleep and leave out tomorrow,” Carrey says.


Early the next morning the college left out and promised Sam’s mom that she would be back safe and sound. Instead of a 7 hour trip it only took sean 5, thankfully with no speeding ticket. They pulled up to the camp and instantly began to search. The land was so huge they had forgotten where the grassy bridge was. After 2 hour of searching they found it but surrounding it was nothing but poop!

“Gross! I don't think she would be here guys look at all this poop from whatever animal takes it's load off here” Tori says

“Well we won’t know unless we try, so move Tori I got this.” says a moving Carrey. Slowly throwing twigs and fanning bugs she hears a faint whimper and calls out Sam’s name. But before she could respond Carrey saw Sam and pulled her out the mud pit.

“Sam are you okay who did this to you?” Sean asked Sam looked up in Sean’s eyes and answered in a soft tone “Kane, Mr.Pole’s son.”

“But Sam you broke up with him freshman year. He moved to Atlanta after that how did he find you?”
“I don't know but he said when you guys find me, there is worse to come….”

The author's comments:

Just a story from free thinking.

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