The Cave

May 9, 2017
By audreyshadowens11 BRONZE, Herrin, Illinois
audreyshadowens11 BRONZE, Herrin, Illinois
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(walking on the dirt road to the cave.)

Braylon: Follow me, I will show you the way. (heads towards the cave)

Araceli: (dragging her) Okay, Braylon. Have you been here before?

Braylon: Yeah, I have been here tons of times.

Braylon: I just never come at night.

Araceli: (gets louder) Never at night!

Braylon: Don't freak out. It should be the same ,just darker. If it can be darker in the cave...

Araceli: (yells) Should be the same, huh?

Braylon: Yes, now come on!

( Araceli follows behind Braylon)

Braylon: Let's go this way.

Araceli: Did you hear that, Bray?

Braylon: No I think you are just hearing things.

Araceli: Bray ,I'm scared.  Can we leave?

Braylon: Don't be scared. We need to have fun!

(they enter the cave)
Scene 2
In the cave
(lights should be dim to introduce going onto the cave)

Araceli: (freaking out) What was that?

Braylon: What?

Araceli: Right over there! (points)

Braylon: Omg! Calm down it's just bats, you can't be scared of new things your whole life.

Araceli:Do you know where we are?

Braylon: Yeah.

Araceli: Why are you saying it like that?

Braylon: We may or may not have taken a wrong turn…

Araceli: What do you mean a wrong turn?

Braylon: Chill out ,girl. I'm sure there are a lot of ways out of here.

Araceli: Yeah but, it is pitch black and my hands are shaking because my sugar is dropping.

Braylon: Crap. That sucks. It's ok. We'll get you food.

Ghost: Hello bray, how is your dad? (ghost appears from the dark) (only bray can see)

Bray: Oh my Goodness, who said that?

Araceli: What? I didn't say anything about your dad. My sugar is dropping and that's what i was talking about.

Braylon: Then who just asked about my dad?

Araceli: Wasn't me. You’re crazy.

Braylon: Did you not here that? (Looking around)

Araceli: Hear what?

Braylon: Nothing. Nevermind. I’m fine

Araceli: Promise?

Braylon: Yes, I promise.

Araceli: Ok, can we rest for a little bit? My blood sugar is really messed up and I'm not feeling well.

Braylon: Sure, just not for long.( sits down) We’ll be okay.
Scene 3
(laying on the ground in the cave)

Braylon: Araceli, wake up! Araceli, are you ok? Araceli! Wake up please! (falls to knees) Please!! (starts crying)

Araceli: (a while later, wakes up) Omg, bray. What’s wrong?

Braylon: Don't scare me, Araceli. (hits her)

Araceli:What do you mean?

Braylon: I thought you were dead!

Araceli: Oh sorry! Actually I feel better.

Braylon:Ok, come on. Get up. Let's go! (Gets up and takes belongings )

Araceli: (gets up) We need to hurry up And get out. I'm hungry, but my sugar must have normalized.

Braylon: I am trying to get us out.  (getting aggravated)

Araceli: Ok, I’m just really scared, hungry and don't feel good

Araceli: ( walking) Do you know where we are?

Braylon: I think we are getting close to getting out.

Ghost: Braylon!

Braylon: What, Araceli?

Araceli: I didn't say anything, Bray!

Braylon: Who keeps saying my name?

Ghost: It's me Bray!

Braylon: Who? ( ghost appears in front of bray)

Ghost: Right here, buzyboo.

Braylon: What the? Why did you just call me that? Only my dad called me that!

Ghost: How's your mom doing?

Araceli: Bray who are you talking to?

Braylon: I don't really know. (dazed)

Araceli: You are so weird.

Braylon: I know! Look! There is light!

(Araceli follows bray)

Araceli: What is it, Bray?

Braylon: There is a flash light back here, with a whole bunch of other things, like someone has been living in here.( looking excited, looking around)

Araceli: (walks over to the left) Look at all this food! I thought I was going to pass out. 

Braylon: Oh my goodness! Lets eat!

Scene 4

Braylon: Man, that was a lot of food.

Araceli: We should take some of it with us .

Braylon:  In case we are in here for a few days

Araceli:  (freaking out) A few days ?

Braylon: Calm down, girl. I’m just saying that in case ,but i don’t think we will be here for a few days. I honestly think we will only be here for  tonight.

Araceli : Okay good because I'm getting really worried.

Braylon: You are gonna be ok.  I promise.

Araceli: Ok, hey let's go right here.

Braylon: Why this way?

Araceli: I don't know my gut is  telling me to go this way.

Braylon: Well, normally your guts wrong, so we are gonna go this way.( points to the left)

Araceli: Whatever.

Ghost: Braylon. (appears in front of bray)

Braylon: O my goodness, what!

Ghost: I have something to tell you.

Braylon: What is it?

Ghost: My name is John

Braylon: Okay and… (confused)

Ghost: My full name is Jonathan Ray Smith.

Braylon: Hey thats my dads name! Thats cool, wait you call me busyboo, and your name is johnathan smith. You are my dad aren't you?

Ghost: Yeah Busyboo, I’m your dad…

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