The Film That Kills

May 8, 2017
By Anonymous

I was bored one night, doing nothing. I had no plans or anything, and my parents were out, so  I was home alone. I decided to watch a movie that night. I wanted to watch a movie that I haven’t seen because I would like to see something new. I looked through my parents movie drore. I didn’t find anything interesting. Only love romance, and criminal movies. I’m not into that kind of stuff. I went into the basement to look through the storage. What I’m kinda in to is old movies, so maybe my parents had put some in storage. I found one, that had no title and no case. I opened the VHS tape case and the the tape also did not have a name, but it had these weird symbols on it. Also a picture of a woman in a picture frame. It seemed like a pretty cool old movie so I decided to watch it.

When I put the tape in the VHS player it had said that the film was only 2 1/2 minutes long. Then I thought, maybe it's a film my mom or dad had made or something. It was already in the player so I watched it anyway.
I turned it on and the video already seemed that it was filmed very badly. The film would have only a couple seconds of one thing and then immediately would switch to another thing that is totally different. Almost, to me, they seemed like clues. Anyway, it finally ended, well I thought that it ended. When the screen got dark those weird symbols came up again. Our house phone rang which is strange because our land line hasn’t been working for several years. I answered it, thinking that is was fixed. The voice that came through it said “7 days”. My heart dropped when I started to hear that scratchy, whispering voice. I sat on the our living room couch for about 20 minute thing about what that could mean. “7 days”. My mind never left that thought. I was getting serious thinking that the call had something to do with the video.

I looked up the weird symbols that was at the end of the tape. They stand for “The tape that kills”. Right what I saw what it meant, my heart went crazy fast. On that same website, I started to do some research. I saw the same picture of the woman, and that same interesting scenes that were in the tape. “I got it”. I had finally put it together. The weird scenes, the strange phone call on the land line that doesn’t work,  the creepy symbols. The film I just watched is going to kill me, and I have 7 day.

The next day I woke up on a Monday morning from the pounding sound of my alarm telling me to get up for school. Last night I got no sleep thinking about what had happened. “I am so over reacting” I told myself. “I’m just super paranoid”. The first day went by super duper slow. Still thinking about it though, because I was wondering who would prank call me like that. The next 4 days went by and I completely forgot about it because I was very busy with school. This week was finals week, the one right before summer break. You know in living in the 21st century, how hard they can be.

The 6th day came, and the weirdest thing happened. I woke up on a nice Saturday morning. I went downstairs to eat my normal Saturday breakfast. When I turned my head, I saw this man. He was only there for a second though. All that I could see was that he was wearing a black robe, and it appeared that he had no face. For the rest of the time that day when I turned my head, he was there. That is when it reminded me of the tape. “Is it the seventh day” I said to myself. “I watched it on Sunday, and it's Saturday….. I HAVE ONE DAY”

I didn’t sleep that night, thinking. Telling myself, “Is it real? Or is it fake” - “I'm just being paranoid” over and over again. It  was the 7th day when I woke up that morning.  Sunday. Lazy Sunday. Not for me. I did everything I loved that day. I went shopping with my best friend, I played my favorite sports, I even ate my most favorite foods. At the end of the day I spent it with my whole family. I had the best day of my life just to be sure. I said “good night” to my parents and my sister, thinking that it hopefully won’t be my last time too.
I tried to sleep soundly that night.  Then I heard foot steps at the bottom of the stairs. Our house is very old, so no matter where you step, it will creek. Also my room is upstairs, so I can hear everything that I happening that is going on downstairs. It about 12:05, about the time I watched the film. I yelled “mom, dad. Is that you”.  I got no response. All of a sudden I heard the stair step creak as a foot was placed on it. I heard a voice that said “5 minute”. It was the same whispery, scratchy voice that I heard on that phone that night. It took another step and said “3 minute”. “Stop trying to scare me who ever is down there, it's not working” I said, but I was terrified. I heard it take another step. “1 minute” said that voice. The voice got louder, and louder, and louder. My heart was pounding faster than a race car. “This is real” I kept thinking to myself. “30 seconds”. I jumped of bed and put as much things as I could in front of the door so whatever it was, it couldn’t come in. “5 seconds… 4 seconds… 3 seconds… 2 seconds… 1 second....”

The door opened

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