The Worst First Day of School

May 6, 2017
By Chi-M BRONZE, Mocksville, North Carolina
Chi-M BRONZE, Mocksville, North Carolina
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I’ve never really liked school but I was always good at handling it. However, my new school put a total new spin on a worst first day. My name’s Jacob and this is my story.
Five Point High School; for the next year it would be my new high school. It’s supposed to be some prestigious place that only the best of the best can attend. That’s the reason I’m only staying here for my sophomore year. They have this transfer program where a high ranking student is allowed to transfer to their school for a year. It would make more sense to stay for your remaining time in high school, but they say that their daily regimen is so brutal that no kid is ever able to stay at the school longer than a year, but they do get special recognition and move on to high ranking job positions after they finish high school. That’s why when I got on their radar I made sure to make good first impressions. I made sure those blanked faced recruiters would remember my name. It’s because of that incessant effort that I’m starting my first day of school at Five Point.
That morning my parents wished me good luck on my first day. They had been relocated to the town near the school so they could stay close to me. The school was definitely a spectacle to behold. It was pretty big and looked as elite as the rumors made it out to be. All the students behaved unrealistically well and had distant smiles on their faces, but I guess going to an elite school would do that to you. I hadn’t even spent an hour after my first class before I was swarmed by the overly polite students. They mentioned joining their High Achievers Club. I swiftly told them no as I only came to this school for the credentials, but they importuned that I should at least come to their opening meeting. For the most part I was left alone for the rest of the day, except for the moment before I left class. A janitor pulled me aside as I began to walk towards the exit. He said to watch myself and protect my family by leaving the school the first chance I get. He looked as if he wanted to say more, but he walked away as a group of teachers passed by. Confusedly, I walked out of the school.
I spent the beginning of my afternoon with parents. I told them about the club invitation I received and they eagerly said I should accept the offer. They also asked if they were any weird adults I met today. I thought about the janitor, but something told me not to tell them about it. With a pleasant expression they shooed away towards school. I walked out of the house with a small blossom of hope.
I walked into the school that was oddly dim to be entertaining guests at night. I was ushered to a large gymnasium and quickly took a seat in the back of the procession. I sat quietly as the student council president walked onto the stage and welcomed all the visitors and clubs and in attendance. I was thinking about how even elite schools have boring after school gatherings when my name echoed from the stage. The president welcomed me with an eerie smile on his face. After commending me for joining their elite school the president asked to pick a club to join. With an air of nervousness I once again stated that I didn't wish to join a club. The audience let out disappointed sigh as the people’s faces turned blank. Uncomfortable, I began to head in the direction of my seat when I felt hands on my arms. A group of students held my arms and said whispered how I would be joining their school in body and soul soon enough. I asked for them to let go of me but their grip only tightened and my arms began to bleed under the pressure of their nails. The blood seemed to have invigorated the audience as they began to cheer.  Uncomfortable and slightly scared, I ran to the gymnasium door. It was locked and I felt as if people were closing in on me. I broke the glass of the door and ran out.
Since I was unfamiliar with the school my get away was extremely sloppy. On my way to finding the exit I stumbled into a lab room. There were several jars of white cellular “attachments” and fungi as well as jars with segments of brain within them. I eerily walked towards another door and found an unpleasant sight awaiting me. There were crumpled bodies behind the closet door with tags saying “Implants impending.” The bodies matched the pictures of previous scholarship winners. I backed away slowly when a hand reached out with an iron grip around my shoulder. It was the janitor with a disturbed expression on his face. He said congratulations on figuring out what actually happens here and he gave me his condolences. He said to know that no one here is real anymore and that they’re only body puppets following those living implants control. He told me to forget about my family and run. Tears budded in my eyes as I ran out of the school building.
Despite the janitor’s advice, I came home. I couldn’t leave my family. My mom and dad were in the same spots as when I left them and they asked me how the meeting went. I told them everything I knew in a panicked tone. They seemed unfazed and simply told me I shouldn’t have run. Shocked, I looked them both in their eyes, and nothing was there. Mortified I cried for my parents to snap out of it. They only responded to my pleas by saying that I should have been a good boy then we all could have been welcomed into society. Their blank eyes shed tears as their bodies crumpled to the ground, like a human accordion. Their  bodies were only skin suits that laid on the floor like dirty clothes; a slight pool of blood oozed from beneath them. A white fungus like substance crept from their lifeless husks towards me. I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me without looking back. I cursed my life and my school as tears flooded my face. As far as I was concerned, my life was over.
“That’s how it happened…” I said pleadingly.
“Kid you have a lot of nerve coming to a police station with a story like that. Go home and don’t eat sugar before bed; it’ll give you nightmares.”, said the unconvinced police officer.
Just as the officer finished speaking a man with a blank face entered the office, he introduced himself as the Five Point High principal and said he came to bring back a rather distressed student. As fear began to trickle into my bloodstream all I could think was:
“Worst first day of school ever…”

The author's comments:

This piece takes a different spin on why a new school can be scary. I hope people will join Jacob for his first day of school as he battles his way through his first and worst day of school.

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