May 5, 2017
By Anonymous

“When the clock turns 12 you will be turned into stone again”
In the midst of the night was a peculiar old lady, at first look some say she looked like a witch, at the second look she would disappear into thin air. One night a man was sitting on a bench enjoying a cigarette and listening to his favorite music. He had heard about the lady that seemed to haunt the area but never actually seen her. That night he saw her, he saw her sitting next to the statue of a boy and he heard her say to the statue, “When the clock turns 12 you will be turned into stone again.” The man disturbed looked away and decided hed take a nap on the bench….
“ I can move, I'm alive!!” The statute of the boy had come to life, he had been given a chance at life. He began to run around the town screaming of joy, He had never been able to move and for all his life he watched people walk past him, sit on him, mess with him, and sometimes he was even spit on. The boy saw a girl sitting by herself crying, When he approached he asked her if she was alright. The girl had lost her parents and she couldn't find them. The boy told the girl “while i'm alive will help you find your parents, but let's hurry up i only have till 12”. The girl confused just shook it off and accepted his help. All night they looked for her parents, they searched everywhere, it was almost as if the girl's parents had just left her there. The clock was approaching 12 and the boy told her that he need to get back to his spot before he froze again. So the girl followed him worried for the boy, they both sat on the bench waiting for 12 to see if anything would happen. When the clock turned 12 the boy turned back to stone and the girl wept and grabbed his hand. When her hand touched his she to was turned into stone. In the morning the man sitting on the bench woke up and looked back at the bench to make sure he wasn't just hallucinating last night. When he looked he was surprised to see not only the boy statue there but a litle girls statue had been added. To his left he heard a voice say “ i took her parents and made her into stone so that he wouldn't have to be alone anymore.” When he looked to see where the voice had came from there was no on there.

The author's comments:

  based on a statue of a boy and a girl

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