Grandma Genevieve

May 4, 2017
By Anonymous

No one ever believed me when I told them she talked to me every single time I passed by. Sometimes it was as simple as “How is your day, Keegan?” and other times as elaborate as the memories she when she was a child. Like the one time the train on Fifth Avenue just missed her, or when her dad came home from work with her favorite box of chocolates. She went through the box and dug her finger nail into the bottom of each piece to find her favorite, the raspberry filled dark chocolate truffles.
Maybe no one believes me because when Jon and I went to the bookstore yesterday, she acted like I didn’t exist. She didn’t say reply when I called out “Hey Grandma Genevieve, how are you doing today?” making me look stupid… I told him the story about when I was waiting at the crosswalk to cross Washington and she called out my name. I turned around and saw no one. She said “over here” and I was amazed. My jaw dropped to the pavement and of course he rolled his eyes.
After this embarrassing encounter, we went into the bookstore and I bought a book about the myths of Naperville. Jon bought a magazine about cars, which was all he really cared about. As we were walking out, Jon’s nose was buried in his new magazine. Grandma Genevieve shouted out “Hi Jon, how are you?” All of the color in his face poured out and his knees went weak. After all, Grandma Genevieve really catches everyone off guard.
“Believe me, now?” I asked.

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