Crazy Day

May 4, 2017
By JRupp10 BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
JRupp10 BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
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It had been so long, I couldn’t even believe that she had passed. It was like everything was gone. I couldn’t sleep at night because of how much I missed her. Every day seemed like an eternity. My mom was worried about me. I hadn't been the same since the funeral. My grades were starting to drop and I had gotten a detention for being late 4 days in a row. It's hard to remember what had happened we were just driving when the car was rammed in the back by a truck. I didn't know she had died until the day after. The doctors had me stay for another day because i refused to eat the food they had brought me. Now i'm just lying on my bed trying to fight back tears; i can't have my parents worrying about me more than they had already. But I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. How do you react to losing the one you loved the most. As my thoughts swallowed me whole, I fell asleep hoping my dreams would be better than the real world.

I awoke the next day early in the morning, My parents would visit me soon along with several doctors. I made my plan in those few, short hours. I would hide my pain so I could get out of the hospital then run away. I would just run as far as i could not knowing where I was going or what to do. The doctor walks in and smiles at me. I hid my pain behind a mask of flesh  and bone. My smile was plastered like a dolls, and much more fake than a spray tan. I knew that If I followed through this plan I would break my family’s heart. I would be living a life of lies and I knew that I could do it because I am amazing who am I kidding I should die.  But I needed to clear my head.  I went to the Himalayas, and found an old asian man at a monastery.  He told me to find love in things that don’t. The end.

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