worst vacation ever

May 3, 2017
By Destiny04 BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
Destiny04 BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
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Elizabeth was a sophomore at Anderson High School and she had a brother named Andrew, who was a senior. They both did very good in school and had a great life at home. Elizabeth lived at home with Andrew and her parents because her and Andrew were the only children. Elizabeth’s best friend’s name was Lola. Elizabeth and Lola have been friends since elementary school. As long as Elizabeth can remember everyone has called her Liz.
Andrew had always been jealous of Elizabeth because her parents have always liked her more. They always let her do what she wanted and got away with everything. Just like the trip that her and Lola were going on this next week.
She was going to miss a week of school to go to California. This was Lola’s family trip and she had invite Liz to come with her. Andrew wasn’t very happy because his parents have never let him do anything like this because they never wanted him to miss school. He did good in school but never as good as Liz did.
Today was the day that Liz and Lola went to California so Andrew went to school and Liz’s parents brought her to the airport. It took about an hour to get through security and the flight took almost 6 hours.
Lola’s parents had rented two beach houses so that Lola and Liz didn’t have to spend the whole vacation with Lola’s parents around. Everyone got to the houses just fine and had started to unpack. About an hour later both of the girls had everything unpacked so they decide to go explore the house. The house had two floors, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, an indoor pool, a workout room and a giant porch with the view of the ocean. Liz thought this was going to be the best vacation of her life but it wasn’t.
On the first day they spent the whole day at the beach. It was a great day and that night the girls went back to the house and went to bed because tomorrow was a big day. That night Liz heard footsteps upstairs and she just went back to sleep because she thought it was Lola. So the next morning she asked Lola if she had gone upstairs last night to get something. Lola told her that she never left her room last night, on the first floor. Liz figured it was just one of Lola’s parents looking for something.
Today they traveled to San Francisco and they went to the Aquarium of the Bay, the Walt Disney Family Museum, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the San Francisco Zoo. Liz’s favorite part was the Disney Museum because she was a huge Disney fan and Lola’s favorite part was the aquarium because she loved seeing all the different types of fish.
It was late when they got back to the house it was late so they both showered and went to bed. This time Lola was the one who heard the footsteps. Both of the girls were now very scared and worried that someone was in the house but they didn’t tell Lola’s parents. They also knew it wasn’t Lola’s parents because they had asked them the other day.
Today was the third day of the vacation and it was relaxing day so the girls just stayed at the house all day. They worked out in the morning and the went swimming. After they were done swimming they showered and made themselves lunch. While they ate lunch, they also watched a movie. When they were watching the movie Liz thought she saw someone outside of the house, on the porch, but she didn’t say anything to Lola because she didn’t want to scare her. Ten minutes went by after Liz thought she saw someone outside and Lola started to freak out. Liz asked her why she was screaming. Lola explained and said she had saw a shadow outside and it had a knife with it.
That night the girls slept in the same room. Lola slept on her bed and Liz slept on the floor. They also locked the door just in case. Neither of them had heard footsteps that night so they figured whoever or whatever was there had left.
Tomorrow was going to be there last day in California so the girls wanted to got to the beach again. Lola’s parents were going out so they asked them if it was okay to go to the beach. They said it was fine as long as they were home by 4 o’clock because they were going out as a family tonight.
While the girls were at the beach they tanned, swam, and built thing in the sand. They built sandmen, sand castles, and buried each other in the sand. Around 12 o’clock the girls noticed that there was man following them, so they moved. He didn’t follow them for about an hour but then he was back. This was really starting to creep the girls out so they started to walk back to the house. He was still following them, so the girls started to run.
When they got to the house they locked the front door and all of the windows. They also closed all of the blinds on the windows. They knew they would still have to go to dinner with Lola’s parents, so they started to get ready. While Lola was in the shower Liz was in her room doing her makeup. Liz thought she heard something but she ignored because she was too busy doing her makeup. Liz was looking in the mirror putting in her mascara and looked down at the table find her eyelash curler. When she looked back into the mirror there was a masked man standing behind her. Before she could scream he had a cloth over her mouth and nose and she was passed out.
When Lola got out of the shower and Liz wasn’t anywhere to be found she started to panic. Once she was done panicking she called her parents and the cops. The cops were going to search everywhere for her.

Meanwhile Liz had just woke up and she was in a warehouse. The man that had been following her and Lola was sitting on the other side of the room. Liz was tied to a chair so she couldn’t get away and she had a handkerchief in her mouth so she couldn’t scream. The man started to talk to her and she thought that she recognized the voice.
The man didn’t have the mask on anymore but he now had a knife in his hand. He turned around and Liz’s face filled with shock. This man that had been following her everywhere was her brother Andrew. Liz tried to talk but had forgot she had something in her mouth. Andrew took out the handkerchief so they could talk.
“Andrew how did you get here and why are you doing this to me?” asked Liz.
“I wasn't heading to school the day that you left to go to the airport. I was heading to the airport too and I’m doing this because I'm tired of you always being better than me.” stated Andrew.
“What are you talking about I’m no better than you are.” said Liz.
“To mom and dad you are the best thing in the world. They let you do everything and you can never disappoint them so I just decided that I would deal with you myself.” Andrew said with a grin on his face.
Andrew kept Liz there for a few days. He didn’t let her have food or water and every two hours he would put a cut on her leg, arm, or back. Then came the day that Andrew had been waiting for. He was going to kill her slowly but Liz didn’t know this.
He started to walk closer and closer to Liz with the knife in his hand. Liz tried to get him stop by talking to him. She thought that he was just going to cut her again but he didn’t. He stabbed her right in her on both sides of her abdomen and she screamed when blood started to pour everywhere. He didn’t want to kill her right away because he wanted her to suffer like he had. He sat there for ten minutes and then left because he heard the sirens.
The cops had found her but her brother was gone already. Lola ran over to Liz and asked her what happened. Liz told her that it was her brother that did this and that she wanted Lola to tell her parents and her brother that she loved them. Then she told Lola that she loved her and that she could have anything of hers that she wanted.
Liz had died in Lola’s arms right before they got her into the ambulance. Andrew was put in jail after they had found him in Maine. Liz’s parents planned a very nice funeral for her and everyone at school had come to it. Lola had made a new best friend but would be scarred for life from seeing Liz die. Everyone eventually moved on but they would never forget Liz or Andrew.

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