The Aliens

May 3, 2017
By Lhud20 BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
Lhud20 BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
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 It was late in the night when I was shook awake. I caught a glimpse of the clock, it was almost two thirty in the morning. I was trying to comprehend what was going on. Where was I? What was going on? Who was talking to me? Until I finally started to wake up.
I remembered I was at my grandmas house. It was the middle of the night. My dad was frantically trying to wake me up. Yelling, “You need to move” “You need to get dressed” and “you to get your brothers.” I was running from room to room telling at my brothers to get up, and trying to be calm. How could I though? What I had been dreading my whole life was happening. They had finally came. I never believed my dad when he told us. They were just silly bedtime stories to me.
The boys were awake and ready to go. Hank was trying to be strong and help me. He´s just eleven though, he shouldn't have to go through this. Kade had gone mute which was scary considering he never shuts up. It was amazing though he was trying to be so mature when he´s just seven. Little Pete was still waking up which was good, but he didn't know what was going on yet. He kept falling asleep, but finally I just let the exhausted five year old sleep.
I quietly crept back up the stairs to tell my dad we were ready. I was almost to the landing when I saw it. I saw the lights, and heard the sizzles. I peeked through the doorway to warn dad who was grabbing his guns. It was too late though one minute he was there the next he wasn't. I ran in and grabbed the guns and money. What will I do now though? My grandparents, and my parents were both gone. They had been protecting us.
I went back downstairs to wake the boys up. Hank had them get all their clothes. I was in the pantry filling a duffle bag with food. I grabbed a giant comforter and found the keys. I met the boys in the living room. We went out to the garage and got in my grandpa´s big truck. I locked the doors, the little boys laid down in the backseat I covered them with the comforter. Then I gave Hank the guns. Then I had a mental break down. I mean I can't drive, I only ever drove on gravel with my dad in the passenger. I had to get over it though.
We pulled out of the driveway, and it was eerily quiet. I was thinking just make it to the other side of town. Then my other grandparents could help us. The streets were deserted though. It was easier than I thought to get across town. We got there and my other grandparents were gone too. I remembered those stories my dad told us when we were little. I thought the aliens came and this time instead of taking just one person they took all the adults. I could hear kids screaming for help, for their parents.
The only thing I could think about was keeping my brother safe. So we grabbed all the food and water we could and went back. Now kids were running in the street. I knew we needed to get back soon, before there was even more chaos. We got there, unloaded all the food and water boarded the windows with old wood from the garage and locked all the doors. Then we hunkered down.
The first day was fine, we still had electricity. So it was warm, I could make food for us, and the little boys watched tv so they were quiet and calm. After they went to bed I stayed up all night that night. The next day was not bad either, but the little boys started asking for mom and dad. When they fell asleep, Hank stayed up till about eleven so I could sleep a little. Then I woke up and took over the watch. I was watching tv when around two thirty there was an announcement that took over all the channels. Bright lights flashed on the tv. It started blaring. On a loop it said this was all a test.
Turns out there were no aliens, all of the adults went into hiding. The government had a mandatory test. It required that all adults went into hiding. It was testing whether the millennials could live without their parents. Most people failed they found kids hyped up on sugar, and their eyes were bloodshot because of all the videogames they had played. It was despicable. They had no control over themselves. It made people all over world fear for the future.

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