A Strange Visitor

May 3, 2017
By 13456_4 BRONZE, Overlandpark, Kansas
13456_4 BRONZE, Overlandpark, Kansas
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Lena got a call later in the day to babysit for the kids that just moved into the neighborhood. They had two girls and she thought that would be an easy way to make some money so she said yes.  She got over there and they decided to play board games  and watch TV .   It was getting late so the girls went to get ready for bed. When the girls went up to get their PJ’s on Lena felt something strange inside her.  Like something is going to happen but doesn’t know what it is.  Lena walked the girls to their rooms and tucked them in.  Then something told her to check all the doors. The front door was locked so she went to the back door.  The door was wide open.  She knows she locked it earlier.  Lena is frozen and doesn’t know what to do.  Just then, she hears a strange noise coming from upstairs.  She thought to herself, I hope the girls are ok and runs upstairs to check on them.  She looked in their room and they are both still sleeping soundly.  Then she looks down the hall.  There is a bedroom at the end of the hall the mother said they don’t use at all.  The light was on in that room.  Lena grabs her phone and dials 9-1-1.  “Please help me, someone is in the house that I am babysitting at.  I think they are in one of the bedrooms!  Please hurry!”  Lena set the phone down and watched shadows pass under the doorway.  She didn’t want to leave the place she was standing because she didn’t want anything to happen to the girls.  She was so scared she could hardly breathe.  She dialed the girls parents and all she could say was, “get home”.  It seemed like it took forever but she began to hear the sound of the police coming.  The police and the girls parents got to the house at the same time so they all came rushing in to see what was going on.  I must have looked pretty scared because they said I was white as a ghost.  I just pointed at the room down the hall and said, “someone is in there” .  The police pulled out their weapons and started toward the door.  They flew open the door and found nothing.  The light was on and the closet door was open.  Someone or something had been in there. The police found no signs of anyone in the room.  Then they both looked at each other and remembered something about this very house.  They walked back toward us.  They said there is something we need to tell you about this house.   We all sat down and the police said there was a death in this house a few years back.  We were on patrol and got a call to come to this house.  We came into the house and went upstairs.  There was a woman who lived here that had been in a tragic car accident with her husband and two young girls.  The husband and both girls died in the accident and she lived.  When we walked upstairs to that very bedroom she was dead.  Nobody knew what she had died of but some say it was a broken heart. 
Maybe she came back tonight because she saw your girls and they reminded her of her own girls.  She is believed to come back here looking for them from time to time.

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