Life Within the Darkness

May 3, 2017
By Ereynoldson BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
Ereynoldson BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
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He was running. From what he had no idea. All he knew was that the meticulous beeps, clicks, and whispering voices were coming from IT. For about as long as he could remember he had been running and hiding as far away as he could from IT. IT is what he had came to call it for he did not know what was pursuing him and had never got close enough to see.
Remembering was hard. He remembered simple things like his name, Tyler, and common sense things like night and day but the more he thought about one thing or another the harder it was. So he kept it simple. His name was Tyler and he was… well he didn’t really know where he was but he knew he was here and that’s all he had known for a long time. He knew he must have come from somewhere. That much made sense. Glimpses of people would flash through his mind from time to time but only for a second and then they would fade away like everything else.
Tyler existed in the After. He did not acknowledge the Before because he remembered so little. His life consisted of running and blackness. A silence with such depth all he heard was IT, his own blood coursing through his veins, and the muffled sound of his feet hitting the darkness beneath him.
At first IT had kept its distance and could only be faintly heard from far away but recently the sounds had been getting closer and closer forcing Tyler to run faster and faster. He never slept, always ran. He hid where the blackness seemed blacker and inhaled the shadows around him.
This day however was different. For years the absence of light had never changed, only ever getting darker. Nonetheless, the gloom weakened. Abruptly a wall of rough stone materialized before him. Almost as suddenly the noises increased. The clicks became more audible. The beeps were more frantic and grew louder and more urgent.
There was only one way out. One path of escape and it was up. Tyler began to climb. The higher he climbed the louder the sounds grew and the lighter his surroundings became. Images flashed rapidly through his mind giving him a throbbing headache. What he could only guess were memories rushed through his head at an indecipherable rate.
He was nearing the top of the rocky wall. The light was blinding him, frantic beeping and excited screams pierced the air around him. Suddenly the wall disappeared.
“Where am I.” Tyler gasped looking at all the wires and machines attached to him.
“Tyler, I’m Docter Rodriguez. You have just woken up from a 6 year coma.

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