The English Classroom

May 3, 2017
By scornwell20 BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
scornwell20 BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
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It was a regular Friday, the first Friday the 13th of the 2017 year. Everything had been normal for Miss Olson. She had her regular first four periods and lunch. Lunch was over and she taught her 5th period. Everything was going as planned. She has been having the best day she has had in along time. The bell had rung, and she exclaimed “yay 6th period, time to teach my favorite freshies.”

Class has begun, the room is silent. The door creaks open and no one is there. The lights begin to flicker. What could this possibly be? Miss Olson begins to evacuate the kids into the middle room but the door will not open. “Why won't the door open” she whispered in a faint voice. She turns around and 4 students are tied up. No one will look or talk to Miss Olson, because they are afraid something will happen to them.
Miss Olson tried to keep teaching but the lights began to flicker and her computer began making weird noises. The kids were terrified, and the 4 students remained tied up because the tape and rope were too sturdy to break or cut. “What is going on” she shouted. She went to the classroom door and tried to open it. “This door wouldn’t open either” she said faintly. Miss. Olson turned around and all the kids were asleep with their heads on their desks. The phone rang, it was from the principal. No one would talk on the other end. Finally someone said “lock your doors, I’m coming” Franticly Miss Olson ran, but the door wouldn’t lock.
She searches for her english book and as she turns around there is a black figure. The black figure leaves and all of the kids are up walking around. They must be possessed, but what could cause it? The lights begin to come on, and stay on. Again the phone rings, someone is on the other end right away. It is the principal, he asks “is everything ok in your room?’’. “No” she says very boldly. On the principles end screaming was all she could hear. She tried to run to the principal's office, but she couldn’t. There was a force holding her at the end of the freshman hallway. “Why can’t I go any farther,” she said bluntly. As she walks back to her room the door slowly shuts, but she didn't get there in time. She pounded on the door and screamed but no one would answer. Finally the door creaked open and all of the kids were gone, nowhere to be seen. Miss Olson walked around the room and couldn't find them. Faint screams she began to hear. She turned and all of the students were chained up in the cubby.
She tried to cut the chains, they would not break. “Why, why, why” she cried, “why is this happening to me.” “it's been such an amazing day and I was so excited for this period and now this, Why” as she kept crying. The door slammed shut and Miss Olson dropped to the floor. The kids all began to scream in terror. As she slowly got up she faced the kids and they screamed “don't turn around” but she did. There again was that black shadow, as she turns round to look at her students they are nowhere to be seen. As she turned to face the black shadow it disappeared. She frantically begins to look for the kids. The middle room door won't open. The main door won't open and neither would the windows. Miss Olson is locked in her room, but she can hear the kids screaming.
Again she tries to open the doors and windows but they won’t open. The phone rings once more. No one replies on the other end. Rights as she gets ready to hang up she hears her students “yell have a nice day.” And then she hears a door slam louder then she has ever heard in her life.


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