The Unexpected

May 3, 2017

It started as a normal day, nothing really, just out of the ordinary. I had a flight booked today, to London for business. My uber was waiting outside for me. As we traveled, the radio station we were listening to failed, and we flipped through the stations it was all the same static. We thought nothing of it maybe just a power fritz.
I finally arrived at the airport. My flight was leaving out of gate 4 at JFK International Airport. I stepped onto the Boeing 777. I was one of the first passengers on board due to my first class ticket. It was a seven hour flight, so I figured I would sleep most the time, not knowing the world as we knew it was about to change. It was a normal flight for the most part..crying babies, snoring grandpas, and people complaining about how uncomfortable they are.
About an hour into the flight the pilot goes over the intercom and tells everyone there will be some turbulence due to a thunderstorm we are close to. I started getting this weird feeling, but I didn’t believe it was because of the storm. It was a feeling that maybe this was a bad idea to come here. I asked the flight attendant for some whiskey on the rocks, something to calm me down maybe shake the feeling of worry.
Third hour of the flight. I was just now waking up still feeling funny. I don’t know what it could be, it’s a feeling of pain and loss. It must be the whiskey surely so I ignored it and watched movies the rest of the flight. Twenty-five minutes left in the flight the captain tells us. Finally, I can see the landing strip as the plane makes its descent.
Everyone gets off the plane and heads to the baggage claim. When all of the sudden, all the T.V.s turn on news footage of cities in the United States and Canada. This footage shows strange flames everywhere, The Statue of Liberty is missing, and Seattle's Space Needle is blown to bits. Tons of urban areas look more like a junkyard than anything it did before.
The anchorman is saying there was 10 Isis attacks across North America. Thousands, millions of people were injured in these attacks. The anchorman said there is a chance for many more of these attacks telling airports to shut down and everyone to remain indoors. Everyone in the airport begins to freak and more images of Moscow and Paris are shown where bodies lay amongst the streets and suicide bombers are walking into malls killing more and more each attack.
The last video shown was of the White House, but it was no longer white, more black and remain scorched and destroyed. The news is now saying North Korea is the reason behind these attacks. All of the sudden all the power goes out as everyone ducks. Loud booms are heard, they’re close maybe a few blocks. Parents and their kids are crying, nobody knowing what to do.  Phone service and social media are down, not a clue on what’s going on outside.
   I grab my notebook and start writing things down that I never got to do. Writing letters to family….if their still alive that is. The letters basically say “If I don’t make it out of here just know I love all of you”.  Next thing I hear are the air raid horns the sounds of bombs dropping. I found a security guard and he laid his pistol on the counter. I secretly stole it. The bombs are getting closer and closer I now know for sure I'm not making it out of this. I put the gun to my temple, and pull. BANG!

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