Home Alone

May 3, 2017
By rmapel BRONZE, Albion , Nebraska
rmapel BRONZE, Albion , Nebraska
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It started out as a normal day. I woke up, went to school, and came home. When I was usually getting ready to go to bed something else had happened. This night was different. If you want to know why I'll tell you, but trust me you won't want to read this alone…
Hi, I’m Randy. I am thirteen years old and go to a small school in the middle of nowhere. It’s the type of town that when someone asks you where you’re from you have to say “ Oh, it’s kind of close to…” and then say a big city. But, anyway let’s get onto the real story.
After school I went home and did my usual thing. Put my bag in my room along with my shoes and coat. Then, when I got done I went to my kitchen to get my usual snack, one banana with a cup of  chocolate milk. I then went to my living room, since no one else was home, ate, then fell sound asleep for about three hours.
I was awoken to the high pitched piercing sound of the T.V. The words Breaking News flashed across the screen. I sat up and squinted my eyes to read the words at the bottom of the screen. They read: This is the fourth boy killed in our area, we have details of what the killer looks like. He is tall, and wears a pig mask with a black hoodie. Everyone should be on the look out for him if anyone has any information on the man or sees him call 911 immediately. He is in our area and on the run.
I got up from my couch as fast as I could to check to make sure that all of the doors were locked. My front door was and so was the back door. I was just about to go back to sleep when I remembered we had glass sliding doors also. I went to check those and what I saw was an unforgettable sight.
Just beyond the treeline separating my house from my neighbors was a man in the shadows. I couldn't quite make out anything specific yet, but he slowly stepped closer and then I saw it… the pig mask. I quickly ran to the living room grabbed my phone and dialed 911 as fast as I could. I sprinted back to the sliding doors to make sure I hadn't lost the man.
When I arrived he was still there, I was sure of it. But this time he was staring me straight in the face through the glass. My heart skipped a beat and I nearly fainted, but all I could do was stand there. The phone dropped from my hand, but I didn't care because he had moved. He was walking around the outside of my house slowly, he wasn't rushing himself at all.
He crept along side the house all the way to the front door. I watched him just long enough to realize that he had somehow opened the door and was placing his cold blooded foot into my house. I very quickly ran upstairs fearing for my life and slammed my bedroom door shut. I was breathing heavy now and needed to control myself. I tried my hardest to keep my breathing as quiet as possible, knowing that the pig masked man wasn't far behind me.
The problem was that I could hear him slowly creeping up the stairs now and it would only be a matter of time before he found me. I ran over to my closet and crouched down inside of it hoping he would leave the room before he got to my closet, but he didn't.
He opened my bedroom door just enough to peek his eye through the crack and then all at once he flung it open as fast as he could. He immediately went straight to the closet, opened it and said “ I knew you would come here. Oh, and one more thing, you left the key under the mat again.”
It was that moment, right then, that I realized this man that everyone had been running from, that had broken into my house, about to kill me… was my own father.

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