White Walls

May 3, 2017
By Anonymous

About two years ago there one a man name Tony. Tony was in a coma after being in a airplane crash with 200 others. Tony was the only survivor. Tony has been in a coma for 3 years. On June 25 Tony out of nowhere woke up. When he woke up he was in a hospital but no one he seen was there. When he first woke up he couldn’t walk.
After couple hours gone by he could finally stand and walk. He went out into the hallway and seen no one to be found. So tony continued down the hall until a loud noise came from below him. He thought it was a doctor or nurse so he start yelling for help and suddenly the noise stop. At this time tony didn’t know that the human extinction happened a month ago while he was in a coma. Tony wondered the hospital for a while until he realized that the window were all barricaded up and he couldn’t see outside . So when midnight came tony went back to his room. But when he got  there there was nothing in the room so he got scared and slept in a different one.
When tony was sleeping a little kids laughter was going through a hall until it stop. The little girl came up to tony and petted his hair until he woke up. The little girl started to run. Tony was scared because it wasn’t no normal girl the girl face was deformed and she ran on all 4. Tony jumped up and tried turning on the lights but their was no electricity. He then got so scared he fainted. When he woke up he was in a room that he didn’t no. So tony started to run to the door but suddenly the little girl popped out of nowhere and bit him on the arm. He stall ran down the hall looking for a room to hide in but only room that came up was the x-ray room. He went in and hid and passed out after he felt like he was safe.
Next day he woke up And went and searched for a generator because most hospitals have them. When he was walking down the hall he found the cafeteria room seeing food. He ran over there thinking he going have a good meal. When he got to the food he started eating but after the first few bites he realized the food was old and that their wasn’t barely any good food. He got ravioli and left. An hour later he reach the generator and tried starting it it had no power. He found a bed and made the generator area his sleeping area thinking the little girl wouldn't find him. But it turns out that the little girl has been making the generator her room to. So when an hour gone by he went to look for a flashlight he found one so he went back to his room and again the bed went missing but their was a pillow still their. He then just locked the door and went to bed. But he didn’t check the room for anyone. The little girl came and started to rub his legs and hair till he woke up scared and again the little girl ran. Tony wasn’t fully awake though so he went back into his deep sleep and the little girl decided to take one of his shoes and one sock and left with it.
Next day Tony woke up wondering why the little girl only took one sock and one shoe. Tony started his day of with his flashlight and when to try to find away out of the building. Throughout half the day tony didn’t hear nothing or seeing anything scary so he thought it was a dream. But he realized that his arm did have a gash on it from the little girl. And when 8-9 came around he was in the mental area were crazy people go. And he went into this complete white room and the little girl came up and locked the door on him and he then was trapped in the room. Two weeks went by and he was now dying and finally the little girl brought him food. Each day the little girl did. But one day the mother came and ate him.

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It took a while to think of

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