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May 3, 2017
By AlyssaButler BRONZE, Alexandria, Louisiana
AlyssaButler BRONZE, Alexandria, Louisiana
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So many things become beautiful when you really look.

-Lauren Oliver

“ Mom please,please, please can we not move”, I pleaded as Mom, Kate, Ayden, and I loaded up the moving van. Kate and Ayden are my two best friends. They’re moving with us because they had a few problems at our old school with bullying. Mom said angrily, “Camille Annabelle Landry we are moving that is final.” By the time we got to the new house I had decided to give it a chance. So I guess I should tell you before I give you a description of the house. So, this house was originally built by my ancestors in the 1800’s. It was passed down generation by generation until my grandmother left it to me. Mom had told me that since Dad was dead we needed a new perspective and so we were moving into this house. I was completely and totally against it. Let me remind you this house hasn’t been lived in since the 1800’s. We got to the house and it looked like an insane asylum. The windows were all barred, the doors had tons of locks,and to top it all of there was a plate that said sign in here with a little arrow pointing down. That seemed a little weird, but I went in anyway. Kate, Ayden and their stupid traditions. They made me grab the Ouija board and go down to the basement. I told them I really didn’t want to. They said in unison, “We have a tradition to play the Ouija board at any new house we move into.” We walked through a door down to the basement. Ayden flipped on the lights and we looked around. There were  tons of boxes and cobwebs down there. Kate asked the first question “What's your name” ,she said. Katherine was spelled and then the piece flew off of the board. It flew until it landed on a doll. Kate picked up the doll we examined it thoroughly it had faded blue eyes and frizzy blonde hair. It’s clothes were worn and looked like they had been burned at the bottom. We left the basement and took the doll back with us to what would soon be my room. Kate examined the doll some more looking at its body. While Ayden and I watched the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy. Kate called us over and said, “Hey guys look at this.” We walked over and looked to see that on the doll's foot there in tiny perfect handwriting it said Katherine. We had our suspicions about that but we put it off when all of a sudden Kate said, “Come see there’s more.”
                              So again we walked over to Kate and looked at the doll. She read the tiny perfect handwriting on the dolls back aloud to us, “ I’ll be your best friend. Till your very last breath. Just do me a favor.” This was really creepy but again being the small minded people we are we put it off. Ayden and I went back to watching our movie and Kate read a book. We left the doll in the hallway outside my room. Thinking maybe May our golden retriever would chew it up. “Camille Laundry,” Mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. We went to see her and she said, “Where did this doll come from.” We told her we’d found it in the basement. We asked where she found it. She said, “It was sitting on Kate’s bed as I went to put a box in there.” Ok, now this is getting weird. We grabbed the doll and put it in the filing cabinet in my closet. We locked the filing closet securely. After we did that Ayden said, “ My heart was beating so fast when she said that it had moved.” I told her that I had felt the same and that I almost died. Kate said something very weird though. She went on and on about how the doll said that she would be our friend and that we should be nice to her. We told her that the doll was staying where she was and that a doll can’t be your friend. Kate went back to her room slowly after we said that. I went to take a bath and Ayden went to get something to eat. I was out of the bath by the time Ayden came back to her room. She was eating mac and cheese. One of her and my favorite foods.
                          I asked her if she’d talked to Kate since I had left. She said that she hadn’t. We checked on the doll and it wasn’t there. So we went to check on Kate. We found her room with the lights off. She was curled up in a corner talking to the doll. We told her that the doll was creepy and she needed to quit. She yelled at us after to get out. I was infuriated why had she been so mean about it. All we had said was that the doll was creepy. Ayden went back to her room and we both went to bed. In the middle of the night I heard someone scream. I went into Kates room and I found Ayden had gotten up to check on Kate and Kate wasn’t there. There was only a note. It said I’ll be behind locked doors when you’re ready to find me. I’m with Katherine we are going to have so much fun when you find me. She is “crazy” awesome. Did you know both her parents were physcologists and this was her house?
                I ran to Mom’s room and told her what happened. She said, “Quit lying and go back to bed.” While I talked to Mom, Ayden went looking for Kate. She said that she had found her and she was acting strange. We went down to the basement and found a locked door. We walked in and there was Kate playing with a girl who wasn’t there and the doll. If you’re wondering how we knew she was talking to someone is because she was looking into the distance and kept saying, “Ok Katherine”  I told Ayden to stay and watch her while I went to talk to mom.When I got back Kate was gone and Ayden was on the ground outside the window. I was afraid to look What had happened was she dead or was she okay. Well, she wasn’t dead but she also didn’t look to alive. She had bones popped all thew way out of place and was bruised beyond anything i’d ever seen. I ran to get my parents and screamed. They came outside to get her. We called the ambulance to get her some help. It felt like it took an eternity for the ambulance to get there.
                                                             5 years later
         I had made a reputation for myself if anything a really good one if i might add. I had an amazing new best friend. Katie had been gone for about a year now. They thought she was actually crazy and not just possessed by an evil ghost doll. I searched and searched to try and find out who Katherine was but I just couldn’t. All I found out was that many people had died in that old house. As i’m sure you are guessing we moved. What else would we have done. Ayden has recovered and is doing much better. All in all except the fact that I don’t see Katie life has been great. It probably won’t take long for me to screw it up again though.  

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