In the shadows

April 29, 2017
By Izzy Seaks BRONZE, Colorado Spring, Co, Colorado
Izzy Seaks BRONZE, Colorado Spring, Co, Colorado
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I like to think i’m a normal teen, but i’m not. I found that out the night of the incident. I was sitting in my bedroom, in my favorite spot to just sit and think. The window was open, the wind whistling like there was life in it. I couldn't think, too much was going on in my head. I looked at my dark, creepy closet, paranoid. One morning I woke up to a screeching noise coming from my closet, I went to turn on my light. Soon, bright pink light filled the room from my colored light bulb. I turn around and glanced at my closet door, I slowly walk up to the pink and purple rim around the pony closet door. I touched the small door knob, it felt very…. Cold. Before I could open the door I saw scratches on the rim close to the ground.

Then, I was only five, I think I remember peeing myself. Even worse, I was wearing my favorite bunny pajama set. Now, i’m twelve and about to start my first year of middle school. I can’t wait to see my friends again, Sasha and Zoe, but they told me something the night after the closet incident. They told me that in my shadow there was something odd. They told me that my long blonde hair turned into devil like horns, and my piercings looked like flaming fire. This scared me a lot because I never even told them about what happen with the scratches. I told them separate because I wanted to see there reactions.

First I told Zoe, she didn't even know what to say. “Maybe it was your d-dog.” Zoe said with a scared expression on her face. Next I went to Sasha, I was shocked about her response. Sasha always believed in the paranormal , she asked about my grandmother and how she just kicked the bucket. Well, that would explain the fire like ears in my ‘shadow.’ My mom and dad always said how she was always out drinking, and being gone all night.

My grandfather was a kind hearted man, but even he knew that her future would be a one way ride to the wrong place. I could even see this, when I was little my grandmother tried to give me beer instead of formula. My parents never left me there without grandpa there too. Also, once I had to go to the hospital because grandmother had always smoked in the house, so it all balled up in my lungs. But now she is gone, but I can’t say in a better place though.

The next day I went to school, and every time light made a shadow I would always look back. Not going to lie, it was terrifying just the thought of it. Now that I think about it, Grandmother never liked me that much. She was always saying things like “YOUR THE REASON I STARTED DRINKING!!” or “THIS IS YOUR FATHER'S FAULT, IF IT WEREN'T FOR HIM YOU WOULDN'T BE HERE, THAT WOULD GIVE EVERYONE A GREAT PLEASURE!” After she would yell at me I would go up to my grandfather and cry. Then grandmother would yell at him to stop babying me. Then…. I would cry more.

Nobody really came to her funeral, she made more enemies than she did friends. I don't even think grandfather nor us did, she died of an overdose. All my friends tried to pity me, and they still do. But to be honest with them, I never really liked that old hag anyway. She died not to long ago, I still have bruises from her. I could already feel tears coming from my eyes. “I'm so sorry I really shouldn't of brought her up.” Zoe said with a sorry expression on her face. “It's fine, really.”I said back to her trying to show her that it was really okay. I went to grandfather’s home because mom and dad were working late after school only to see blood on the walls of the kitchen. I instantly ran to Grandfather’s room, tears came down my cheeks.

I closed my eyes hoping that when I open them everything will be okay, I open them still my grandfather was laying there on the bed, lifeless with a knife struck in his chest. Frozen in fear I saw red glowing eyes at the corner of my eye. I turn around for a split second and see a ghost like figure of an old women. That could only be one person, Grandmother. But, once eye contact was made, the figure disappeared in a hurry. I ran to the phone to call police, but how was I going to say it? “Oh the ghost of my grandmother killed my grandfather and there's a knife in his chest.” I told myself in sarcasm and rolling my eyes. I called the police and said that there was a murder, I gave them Grandfathers address and they said that they would be there shortly. When the police got there they instantly spelled the strong scent of alcohol. They announced this as a suicide, and I knew why. They probably thought that my grandfather was drunk.

I knew my grandfather, he never drank once he was a man of his word. I got mad at this so I put matter in my own hands. I called Zoe and Sasha and told them to meet me at my house ASAP, it was urgent. They both knew my grandfather really well, they were like second granddaughters to him. That's also why it killed me to tell them about the death and about the police. The look on Zoe’s face was priceless, but then there was Sasha. As you already know, Sasha believed in ghosts. So she believed me when I said that I saw the ghost of my grandmother. We packed our bags, we knew people wouldn't believe us in this town. We needed to head out, leaving a note for my parents saying;
Dear Mom and Dad,
Zoe, Sasha, and I are leaving town, only for awhile. I promise you guys I will be home soon. I love you! You can still text me here is my new number. 123-456-7890 I will miss you in this period of time, I hope you understand. Don’t get mad at Zoe or Sasha’s parents, they knew as much as you guys do.

We left for the bus, we were able to pass as thirteen year olds. We found a dirt cheap apartment and nobody heard from us since, except for my parents.

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In the shadows part two COMING SOON!

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