New Friend

April 26, 2017
By , eugene, OR

New Friend
The clock was ringing. Peter and Josh woke up and yelled,” Hawaii, here we come!!”
They had planned for the trip a long time ago, and Peter was so excited about the it. He couldn’t even sleep the night before. When they arrived the airport, they dashed to the beach so fast, they even threw their suitcases on the side. In Hawaii ,everything's beach, bikini, and surfing, all the thing they had dream of. Josh first went to the bar near the beach, trying to hook up girls. Unfortunately, none of them got hooked up. On the other side, Peter was a master surfer. He waited for a giant wave and started rotating his hand, helping himself catching the moment when the wave rose. He was speeding up with it, and suddenly he was in the middle of the giant curve. Everybody was screaming for him. Meanwhile, Josh felt jealous and upset,
heading towards to their luggage. When Josh walked near their luggage, he saw something one it. It was a paper with an address, and the address was advertising cheap cabins for resting.
So Josh called Peter and said,” Hey bro, there is a nice cabin here that is a reasonable price. Want to check it out?”
Peter walked over with a crowd of people follow him and said, “Sure, I could stay overnight anywhere if it’s cheap.”
So they rent a car and drove to the address. During the drive, the road changed from solid to muddy and the surrounding changed from prosperous city to an ancient forest. The trees were tall, and looked even taller than the airport’s ceiling when they walked beside. In Front of them was a lake, surrounded by trees, and their cabin was next to the lake. The cabin looked like the old native american’s building, fulled of patterns and animal drawing on the wall.The office was next to the cabin, so they walk toward the office and saw an old lady setting there, looking at the lake.
Then she said,” Hi there, how can I help you?”
“We’re here to stay a night, can we get a cabin that has 2 beds?” asked Peter.
“ Yes, it will be 20 dollars.”
“ What! 20? That’s cheap!”
“It’s worth it if you don’t swim in the lake.”
“The lake there?” Peter pointed at the lake.
After the lady given them the key for the cabin, Peter and Josh didn’t take her words seriously and walked towards their cabin, and changed their clothes for swimming. Peter was the brave one. He jumped down the lake without checking the depth of it. Josh followed him. While they were swimming, Josh felt someone pulling his leg down the water and he yelled at Peter; however, the moment he turn his head, Peter was 5 feet away from him with a face of innocence. Josh suddenly felt creepy. The sky started to turn dark, so josh swam back to their cabin with Peter behind. Josh still felt a little bit weird about the hand that he felt pulling his leg, so he went in the bathroom, guessing if a hot water bath can relax his nerves. The bathroom was decorated perfectly. There was a mirror with beautiful firm around. The walls were all wooden, spreading nice odor when it touches the water, and there was a window on the top of the wall for air circulation. Josh turned on the hot water and started washing his head, trying to forget about the hand he felt, meanwhile, assume it was Peter playing with him. The water suddenly turned cool, so Josh turned his head up, checking on the faucet. But when he turned his head towards the mirror, he saw someone watching him from the window. He ignored the water’s temperature now and turn his head around. Nothing was there. Suddenly someone knocked the door so hard that scared him from the back. He yelled, “Peter, enough!!!” 
Nobody was there, and when Josh walked out from the bathroom he saw Peter sleeping. Instantly, Josh feel someone touching his back. He dashed to his bed and curved into the blanket, trying to force himself to sleep. When he fell asleep, he had a weird dream. In his dream was a sunny day, but screaming everywhere. He looked where the sound came from and saw soldiers pushing Japanese people down the lake. The lake was the one they were at. Josh woke up. It was morning already, but Peter was gone. He walked out the cabin and saw Peter swimming in the lake. So Josh yell,” Peter, come up. Don’t swim in that lake anymore.”
Obviously, Peter didn’t understand what Josh was saying, and he raise his hands, showing a weird looking face to Josh. Meanwhile, Josh saw a head floating behind Peter, raising its hand and was preparing to pull Peter down. Josh yelled again,” Peter, your back!”
Peter turned his head, and he saw a lady with long black hair and a pair of eyes that were all black. The skin of the lady was falling apart, like dead body soaking in water for years. Peter screamed, but he realized he was in the water already. He rose his hands up the surface for help, but nobody was near by. Josh looked at his best friend drowning, but he was so afraid that he hesitate for 5 seconds. Then Josh raise his courage. He jumped down the water, swimming towards the spot where Peter was at, but his best friend wasn’t there anymore. He searched under the water for a while and still can't find his friend, so he swim back to the bay desperately. He looked back to the spot where he last saw Peter,nothing was there. He lower his face,looking at his reflection. A gust of wind blows by, the ripples changed the face in the water. It was Peter. Josh was so happy to see him again and knee down to get closer. Then a pair of a ugly hand grip Josh from his neck, pulls him down the water. Only ripples was left.
[Few years later]
“Hey bro check this out!”
“There’s a cabin only 20 dollars a night. Want to go?”
“Sure, I could stay overnight anywhere if it’s cheap.”

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