Jenna Rose Dawson

April 26, 2017
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She woke up normally like every other day. She sat up in her bed and looked around her cramped apartment. She got out of bed and looked at her tall, tired figure in the mirror. Her long, wavy blonde hair was tangled from sleep. She fed her fish, Buddy, and looked at the sign she had with her name on it, Jenna Rose Dawson. After that, Jenna got into the shower.
After her shower, Jenna looked out her her window. She could see Times Square. There was a big, flashing sign that said: “New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1939.” After this Jenna got dressed in her clothes and got ready for her restaurant shift at 12 P.M. She rushed out the door onto the busy New York City streets. People were bustling and happy all around for the new year of 1940. She walked quickly through the cold air to her restaurant, Joe’s. As she walked in her boss reminded her that her shift ended at 12 A.M. This Jenna remembered.
After putting her things in her shelf, Jenna was greeted by her boyfriend, Ben Miller. Ben was tall and skinny like her. She had met Ben at Joe’s six months ago when she first moved to New York. Ben told her happy birthday since today happened to be her 20th birthday. Soon after their greeting, Jenna and Ben went their separate ways to start their shifts: Ben a bartender and Jenna a waitress. Jenna’s shift was a busy one, she supposed it was because of New Year’s Eve. A few regulars wished her a happy birthday. For now her shift was busy, but for the most part, normal.  Around 11:30 P.M., Joe’s was even more crowded with people celebrating the new year. Suddenly, Jenna heard loud noises around the shelf where her things were. She went to investigate. To her surprise, there were two thieves snooping around in and stealing her and other people’s things. They heard Jenna come around the corner. They turned around and realized they had been caught! But suddenly, the thieves jumped out at Jenna, tackled her , knocked her unconscious and quickly but very quietly, dragged her out. An hour or so later she came to and was in a small and dark place with no way out. A few seconds later the was tossed around by a big thud. It was then she realized she was in the trunk of a car! She began to panic and realized she had to escape quickly! Around 12 A.M. when Ben got off work and realized Jenna wasn’t anywhere to be seen, he had began searching for her. It was now 1 A.M. and after asking and looking for her, he still couldn’t find her. Ben was starting to realize something was terribly wrong.
It had now been 30 minutes after Jenna had come to and she was still trapped. She could now hear the men who had kidnapped her and she realized they were speaking in a foreign language. After 30 minutes of trying to find a way to escape Jenna finally found a way! She kicked as hard as she could through a spot that didn’t look as sturdy as the rest and before she knew it, her foot was outside if the car and she started yelling for help. The kidnappers heard her screams and began to slow down the car at a curb in order to get out and make her be quiet.
At this point Ben was outside looking around in Times Square for her. He still saw no sign for her. But all of a sudden he heard screams. He stopped in his tracks and looked around quickly. Suddenly, he saw two men circling a car that was parked at a dimly lit curb. He saw a foot out the back of it and heard a woman’s screams. He immediately ran to the car but very carefully. He waited behind a building until the men walked to the front of the car. As soon as they did he ran as fast as he could opened the trunk, grabbed Jenna and the two ran off together. After going a few blocks, the couple realized they were safe. They went to her apartment and called the police. Over the next hour she told him what happened and he tried to calm her down. She eventually fell asleep on his shoulder and he calmly laid her down, covered her with a blanket, and went home. The next morning he came back to her apartment and told her that he received a call from the police saying the men were caught and are in jail. They later learned they received a 50 year sentence.
Six months later, on their one year anniversary, Ben proposed. Jenna was so happy and accepted. They married a year later. Ben and Jenna had two girls named Melody and Molly a year after their marriage. After their children  were born, Ben and Jenna both got new jobs. Ben was an office manager and Jenna was  a stay at home mom. They both had a happy and long life and now in 1972, Ben and Jenna are still both happily married and Molly and Melody moved away and started families of their own,  but that’s for another story. The End.

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