Chicken Pot Of Other Wonders

April 25, 2017
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  “Where I am?, What is this?,”said Charile. Looking down at his hands,and around his room. A book? Did he fall asleep reading again? He raised the book over his head, a cookbook? His hands seems to be locked with this book.He tries to remember where he got the book. He searches his mind for a long minute, but not only can he not remember where he got the book , he can’t remember the last 4 hours!He needs to call someone but who? He see a foggy picture of some sort. He tries to sit up in his bed…
  “What the-,” exclaimed Charile. A woman with beautiful pale blue hair, skin pale as the moonlight, eyes black as the night, and teeth sharper than the foulest demon, with the smile of Satan himself. Charile wanted to scream but he couldn’t, his body , no ,his mind wouldn’t let him. “Don’t be fearful, am I not going to devour you,” said the Woman, “I am here to warn you!Don’t let HER have the book!” Charile laid still in his bed. The woman stared at him. “Can you move?,”said the Woman, “I didn’t paralyze you for this long.” “What you paralysis me!,”yelled Charile. Charile shot right up, headbudded the woman. “Ow!,” exclaimed the woman. She moved from the bed to the floor, and started to do a little dance with her fingers, if it was a person, and she it partner. And that when he saw it, the woman had wings, long and contorted, but yet it still held its beauty.
   “So you’re a fairy?,”asked Charile, “Aren’t fairies supposed beautiful, helpful, non-demon looking creatures?” “Corru-An!,”shouted the Fairy. “What does that mean?”,  asked Charile. “ It means Corrupted Man. Human. That is fairyist, you can’t just make that assumption,” scoffed the Fairy. “Whatever, why are you here, if you are not here to take me to the underworld,” asked Charile. “ Aren’t you listening? A...GIRL...WILL...COME...FOR...THE...BOOK...DO...YOU...UNDERSTAND?,”said the Fairy, agonizingly slowly. “Yes, I understand I am not stupid! Can you give me more details on the girl?,”exclaimed Charile, annoyed. “You could have fooled me,”mumbled the Fairy, “Anyway , the girl has red hair, green-purple eyes, golden sand skin, a heart-shape lips, with a bu-.” “That’s sounds like Ginger! I can’t believe I forgot about her,” said Charile. “ This one has many names, but also no name. Her father named her “No One”, he thought it was the perfect name for an assa-,” the Fairy paused. She looked around, then she covered her mouth. “SHE not far from here, SHE knows,” whispered the Fairy, “ I must tell you quickly. The book you must guard it. It is vital , it has the secrets, but also the answers. Whatever, happens you can not let her have the book. I have to go.”
   She must have flapped her wings  1000 times. She was going, but she was going away.
   Then the computer screen comes on, and Charile’s cell phone rings. Then it stopped. Then his phone beeps, beeps,beeps, and then it screeches, like an animal being killed, like the torturer was killing it’s babies, while it killed the mother. Then on Charile’s computer screen his e-mail pops-up , his message box filling with e-mails from Ginger. Then a man, or something that used to be a man , pop-up on the screen. “Get down!,”yelled the Fairy. Charile did so. The thing scratched the screen aggressively, then he lightly tapped the screen. It screamed to be let out, and swear to scratch out its eyes , tongue, and to rip apart its nails. The thing did it, and it made sure they heard EVERYTHING. But, Charile and the Fairy did not get up, nor did they go to the screen. It was gone , when Charile and the Fairy finally got up.
  “What was that!?,” exclaimed Charile. “ It was Him. His name is lost, it’s probably still looking for Him. Its has been lost for a very long time, I doubt it would  will find Him again, even if it did, it surely would be like he lost it all over again. Boom! Fast foot steps. Quick black mist! “Oh for the love of God run!,”screamed the Fairy, as blood was coming out of her stomach, and vomit-blood coming out of her mouth.
   Charile ran screaming, with the book in his hands.He went down into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife. “ Charile give me the book, I am all better. What you saw was your mind playing tricks on you,” said the voice behind the kitchen door. “NO! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED!I won’t let you in!,”yelled Charile. A twisted laugh came from the door, it sound like a couple of people laughing, no, more than a couple , more like seven or eight. Then something leaps out and on the kitchen counter, and it lunged at  Charile. This creature was unholy, it description forbidden.The creature regain it composer, and started to transform back into what it was before. It was Ginger, and she was covered in blood.
  “Ginger, why?,” cried Charile. “Don’t look at me like that Charile! I am your friend, your only friend. The only one that can understand who you are, what you are,” said Ginger in a half-whisper, “It had to be done.”
“Killing someone, isn’t something that has to be done! And what you mean , what I am ,” exclaimed Charile.
“Something. That THING. It wasn’t human don’t personify it. That thing was going to ruin everything! Not only for you and me but for this world and mines,”yelled Ginger, “The book you have in your hands is not any ordinary cookbook. It is the C.P.O.O.W, which is short for Control Prevention Of Other World. It tells all of the secrets of my world, and that evil fairy-siren was going to turn it over to the humans. She eats people like you as a snack. Didn’t you wonder why she didn’t give you any instructions. She was planning on giving it to you as her patsee.”
“Then why did she warn me about you?,”said Charile.
“To trick you into trusting her. I am your friend, trust me,” Ginger pled.
“Not until, you take me to Other World. And explain what is really going on,”said Charile, “and you will not receive the book until you do.”
“Fine, but it not like any world you imagine ,”said Ginger, “follow me.” Ginger made some strange hand signals, then opened the stove. The stove made some music box sound. She looked at Charile , and then at the book. Charile hugged the book close to his chest.Then Ginger went into the stove , she then signaled Charile. Charile went in the stove, his actual life is awaited him.

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