Mistake = Not guilty

April 23, 2017
By , Jubail, New Zealand

The pitch black sky poured heavily and endlessly as if there was a big hole in the god’s bucket. Cora, a young lady who was travelling alone around the country, desperately needed a place to save herself from the rain. After a long search, she miraculously found a thin ray of light coming from the woods. She fringed to clear up the vision and carefully stepped towards the light. The light was coming from a small, old cabin. Although the cabin looked so old that it almost looked haunted, for now, the punching raindrops were more frightening than a ghost. Moreover, the light looked so warm and welcoming.

“Hello, is anyone... Wahhh!!!!!” She couldn’t even finish her question as, right behind the door, there was a huge man, easily over seven feet, staring straight down at her. His face was frightful, with all the scars and the fact that he didn’t have an eye.

“Hi, are you looking for something?” Cora couldn’t hide her surprise as the voice that came out from that monstrous man’s throat was more than pleasant, almost soothing, like her mother’s lullaby. After few seconds, Cora collected herself together and asked,

“I’m very sorry, but apparently, it’s raining really hard outside, and I have nowhere else to go. So could I stay in your house just for a while till the rain stops?” Cora tried very hard make the most friendly face as she could, but it was very hard to do, as his exterior was very threatening.

“Of course! Sure! Come in. I was just having a dinner. It’s a pea soup. Would you like to join? Or would you like to clean and dry yourself first? There’s a bathroom right over there.” He said cheerfully. A smile was all over his face. He seemed almost delighted to have this wet, uninvited guest in his house.

“Ummm.. I’m okay, I’ll just sit near the door and wait till the rain stops. I think it’ll stop quite soon,” said Cora. She was still uncomfortable, mostly because of the man’s look.

“No! I can’t let you do that. Look at yourself. You are shivering. I’ll not ask you to do anything more, so please come and sit over here at the fire place.”

Cora became suspicious of the man. She questioned why this man would be so delighted. Although almost all of her suspicion came solely from the man’s appearance, she didn’t admit, and started to identify everything as something dangerous. His scar, the fireplace, his big hands, and everything now became the reason for her suspicion. However, maybe because of her tired body after a long travel, she soon fell asleep in the man’s couch near the fireplace.

After few hours, Cora heard quiet footsteps coming towards her. She slightly opened her eyes and glanced over the couch to find the man coming towards her quietly with something shiny in his hand. Cora gasped as she thought the long, shiny, and silver thing was a knife. However, she calmed herself down, closed her eyes again, and focused on the man’s footsteps.

‘One… Two.. Three!!’ When the man was right next to her, she stood up from the couch and stabbed the man with her pocket knife several times. She knew what she was doing, and the man fell on the ground very soon. She panted hard and shouted in a victorious voice:

“Ha! How about that, you filthy monster! You men always try to prey on the weaker ones! What were you aiming for? The gold in my bag? My body? Hahaha! Whatever you were aiming for, you can’t have it now. You are dead! As dead as my dead father!” However, her celebration didn’t last long as it wasn’t that long will she found out that the long, shiny thing was actually a metal cup with warm milk in it. Although now she knew that she had a wrong idea, no glimpse of regret or sorry was to be found on her blank face.

“Darn it. I didn’t know I’ll have to do this again.” she mumbled, and looked through her bag to find a bottle of oil and matches. Without any hesitation, she poured the whole bottle on the man’s body and threw a lit match on him. The flames danced on the body, and she walked out of the house. The rain had stopped, and the black sky, without a single star, was the only one that was quietly watching all this happen.

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