The Shadow

March 31, 2017
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Once upon a time there was a shadow in my closet, it was a dark dark black and white eyes, it stared at me when i slept and when i studied or watched movies. I was too scared to get close to it, and then one night at 3:00am i woke up and saw the eyes again i turned on my light and then my light bulb started flashing, until it went out, 3 minutes later i was passed out on the floor, i woke up in this house in the middle of the night i could hear screaming from every part of the house, there were multiple rooms every single room had different screaming sounds i saw blood on the wall, and i had a flashlight i slowly tiptoed around the house, the carpet was the red the wall was red, there were these stairs that lead to the living room, i walked down and just snooped around. I heard someone breathing and i said “Who’s there?” with a frightened slow voice, i was trying to act tough even tho i knew i was scared to death.

I found the main room, i opened the door, the door making a squeaking crackling noise while it opened. I slowly peeked inside and it was a pink room, filled with unicorns and princesses and dolls all around, i get closer to the fluffy pink bed, when i see a stone that read “Lusy Slatford January 25, 1998- January 25, 1998” tears pouring down my cheeks wondering what has happened to this innocent girl, i slowly walk out and found the other room, there was a book next to the door, it said “Dear, Lucy, i’m sorry we had to do this to you we didn't mean too, you will forever be our babygirl but this will keep you safe. We never expected for this to come, but we don't have any other choice, Love, Mommy and Daddy” I throw the book to the floor as hard as possible, i keep exploring their room, i find a safe and there is blood dripping from it FRESH blood.

I freaked out and ran to the kitchen there i found knives thrown all over the floor and counters. I spinned in circles not know what to do, i felt as if the world was spinning around me non-stop. I fell to the floor confused on why some parents would do this to their babygirl. I wasn't gonna leave until i found out, i looked directly into the window and saw a couple holding hands while looking at me then i couldn't believe what i saw….. The couple had blood splattered all over then, they were carrying the same knife they had used to kill poor Lusy, i turned around and  ran as far and as fast as possible, trying to get rid of those monsters, i ran out the house and ran without thinking, i saw something from long distance, it was a cemetery.

As i got closer to the tombstone that said “Jackson Slatford and Lauren Slatford, loving parents, son and daughter and siblings March 12, 1945 & September 24, 1947- January 25, 1998” I thought how did they die if the girl was born 1 day before then i thought something must have happened the night she was born. I went to the library to read about the history of the house i lived in. Legend says that an intruder broke into the hospital room they were in and killed them, their bodies were found March 20, 2003. Their bodies were found 5 years later…. The shadow never left, it stayed there.  I wondered if i will ever get the chance to go back to that place, i wished that i could find out what actually happened to the little girl… my dream came true 3 months later.

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