The Curse

March 30, 2017
By ZaraWilliams BRONZE, Grand Cayman, Other
ZaraWilliams BRONZE, Grand Cayman, Other
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As the gentle rain drops fell on the car window, the car came to a sudden stop. As Ella looked out of the misty window, for miles and miles a meadow grew. As the car door cracked open and then slammed closed, the footsteps of her parents came around to open the car door for Ella. Ella stumbled out of the car. Her parents turned their backs away, all Ella could see was the movement of her parents mouths and the expressions changing as they turned around to face her. As her parents faced her, her dad's watch buzzing, the time was 6 in the evening. Tears fell down her mother's face as she went to her knees, holding Ella in her arms she asked Ella,”Do you wanna play a game?” Ella’s facial expression changed as a confused look came upon her face, she stuttered as she replied,”Mommy I don't-Yes mommy.”
Ella’s parents explained the game and how she needed to find 3 chairs gathered in a circle, she had to stay there until they come to find her. Ella was excited as the game was explained, she replied,”Like, Like hide and go seek,” “Yes just like hide and go seek, go now before the sun goes down”, Ella’s mum said.
As Ella walked into the large meadow, she glanced back, not knowing it would be the last time she would see her parents. Wandering into the misty meadow not knowing where she was or where she is going, the raindrops that fell had now gotten harder and each strike felt like a bullet falling out of the sky. As Ella stumbled through the Calamagrostis, after hours and hours of floundering, she could barely keep her eyes open.  She walked every few minutes with her eyes closed, she felt a hard thump as she had collided with what seemed like a pointy tall object. As her eyes ejected open, the sight of the three chairs, changed the expression on her face to hope and joy and now the only thing going through her head was to wait there for her parents. Exhausted she lay in the middle chair, trying to stay awake, finally she drifted off.
As the sun beat into her eyelids she woke up with the sight of a meadow and two chairs surrounding her. The days turned into weeks then turned into months, Ella lays in the third chair still waiting for her parents to come, all withered away. As she sits there thinking of revenge on any human being she sets her eyes to.
20 Years Later:
The car pulled up to an unknown area, engine roaring as if the it was about to break down. Sarah and Leo gathered their supplies and getting out of the car they slammed the door closed. The wind started to pick up, the grass and mud sticking to their shoes once white, now brown, causing them to slip every few minutes. As the night was beginning, tired Sarah asked,“Leo I can't believe you made me do this-and I fell for it, this vacation better be great.”“Oh, come on it’s gonna be fun.” Leo replied, “Are we even there yet?” Sarah asked. “Sarah enjoy the breeze-we are in the middle of a meadow-”, Leo said, “yeah, I know where is this place you wanted to find.”Sarah said, “Are we pretty close?” The wind in their faces made it harder to walk as the wind turned to rain the animals came out. Frogs jumping, grasshoppers streaching and birds chirping for worms.
After hours of walking, exhausted Leo and Sarah lay in the middle of the lea. Leo already asleep, Sarah starting to drift asleep, a rumble in the pasture beside them, made Sarah leap to her feet. As Sarah sees an object rustling through her ripped old bag. As she rustles to her feet  the object runs off with fear carrying her bag, Sarah runs after it. As she comes closer and closer, she notices a small black coat the object is wearing, brave Sarah grabs the object and turns it around. As Sarah lifts the piece of coat from the object's face, scars covering the face of what seems a young girl, messy hair coating her face, skin peeling. The little girl's face expression changes by now she's turned around, angrily she grabs Sarahs face. A loud shriek rings through leo's ears from a distance, the sound gets Leo to straight to his feet looking around, to find Sarah gone. Leo scrambling around to search at dusk for Sarah. After hours and hours of looking, Leo gave up and he sat down, after a few minutes of calming down giggles started to emerge from a tree behind him, it started to get louder and louder. Turning around he found Sarah standing with a little girl whose face was covered,  they were laughing with each other. Leo blundered to his feet, stuttering he asked,” Oh- Thank god you alright,”confused he asked, “Who's this little girl?” Sarah holding the little girl's hand, smiling, walked up to Leo, stammering,”We are fine.” As Sarah got closer, Leo surprised asked,“Sarah are you okay, your skin looks dirty, you have scars running down your face, your hair is messy-Are you sure you're okay,” Sarah replied,”I'm more than fine- Why don't you come with me-Oh I nearly forgot this is Ella.” Leo stood there a confused look spread across his face, Ella reached her hand out for Leo to grab, Leo grabbed the hand, looking up Ella said,” I’ve finally found you daddy, you’ve finally come home.”

The author's comments:

This is one of my best.

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